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The Continuum Project: Icefall Brook

Posted February 8, 2010

Jon Walsh and Ian Welsted establish a beautiful new mixed line in Icefall Brook, a remote amphitheater of ice in British Columbia.

WayPoint Namibia

Posted January 22, 2010

When a team of American climbers establishes Southern Crossing (V 5.11+, 1,300') on the Brandberg in Namibia, their journey of understanding has just begun.

Interview: Will Gadd and 24 Hours of Ice

Posted January 13, 2010

Will Gadd speaks about his "endless ascent" at Ouray, in which he climbed more than 25,000' in a single day and raised over $15,000 for the dZi Foundation.

The Continuum Project: Norway

Posted January 6, 2010

Guy Lacelle solos a 180-meter WI6 free solo in Hemsedal, Norway.

Video: Guy Lacelle, Legend

Posted December 23, 2009

Dozens upon dozens of climbers—competitors, festivalgoers and friends—organized a celebration of Guy's life. The result was an emotional but heartening gathering that shook not only the climbers in attendance, but those in the greater community, those who had heard that a legend, in life, was no more.

Sean McCabe: A Vibrant Life

Posted November 23, 2009

Alpinist celebrates the life of artist Sean McCabe, whose boldness on canvas—and as a family man, teacher, skier and climber—will be profoundly missed.

The Continuum Project: Nepal

Posted November 16, 2009

Watch as Audrey Gariepy, Ines Papert and Jen Olson tackle a new route on the Hungo Face of Kwangde Shar (6093m) in Nepal.

The Continuum Project

Posted October 28, 2009

Gain perspective on the motivations and courage of some of the world's top climbers in a new film by Chris Alstrin.

John Bachar: A Stonemaster Remembered

Posted October 19, 2009

Rick Accomazzo, Lynn Hill, John Gill, Dave Yerian and Ron Gomez give tribute to the "alpha Stonemaster," John Bachar.

Craggin' Classic '09: A Rockin' Good Time

Posted October 15, 2009

more than 200 climbers from at least 13 countries found themselves in high spirits for 48 hours of boozing, schmoozing, caffeinating and climbing—in that order, and then all over again.