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Destination: Croatia

Posted December 12, 2007

When contemplating a climbing trip from a US mountain town, several important factors come to mind: blue—even turquoise—water, cultural experiences and a European location where the dollar isn't drowned by the Euro.

Bozeman Ice Festival: Accounts from the Players

Posted December 5, 2007

The Montana ice climbing community is prolific in both climbing and writing. This week, Bozeman Ice Festival participants and organizers share their tales.

Obsession and Ingenuity, Part III: Farming Ice in Farm Country

Posted November 28, 2007

"Hey Jim, how would you feel about icing those things up and letting us climb on them?"

Exfoliation Evolution

Posted November 21, 2007

Rarely does the ephemeral feel of ice climbing extend into the realm of granite slab climbing. But when it does, an evolution can happen.

Early Season Canadian Rockies Route Explosion by Swiss Team

Posted November 14, 2007

Ueli Steck shares stories and photographs from his October tour of the Canadian Rockies, where he established committing new lines with Simon Anthamatten.

Ice and Access in the Hyalite Canyon

Posted November 7, 2007

Joe Josephson, Montana's most vocal ice proponent and author of Winter Dance, speaks about the precarious access to Hyalite Canyon: "Often in life, you don't realize how good you have it until it's gone—or at least under the threat of being taken away."

Three Women, a Mountain and a Mosque

Posted October 31, 2007

Three women tackle a new 950-meter free rock line in the Karakorum, where they discover that friendship and solidarity are the keys to success and survival.

Obsession and Ingenuity, Part II: The Old Man and the Ice Tower

Posted October 24, 2007

The fixtures of Silver Gulch—a bar and microbrewery in Fox, Alaska—had something to talk about: an 152-foot ice blob rising out of the flattest part of Alaska. What they didn't know: The Ghost Raven Ice Tower was a proving ground for the precocious.

Obsession and Ingenuity, Part I: Michigan

Posted October 17, 2007

The three months (if you're lucky) of joy for most Midwestern ice climbers are filled with long, sleepless weekend drives to Ontario, Northern Minnesota and Michigan's Upper Peninsula... But what about lunch breaks?

Canada's Other Winter Climbing Destination: Ontario

Posted October 10, 2007

Welcome to Canada's best-kept chilly secret, where "the constant northwest winds result in some of the wildest ice formations imaginable: 10-foot umbrellas and fragile curtains waiting to kill anyone foolish enough to try climbing."

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