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Banff Mountain Festival: Top 5

Posted November 11, 2010

The Banff Mountain Festival offered a week jam-packed with films, presentations, special speakers, workshops, trade shows, book fairs and panel discussions. A few events were worth highlighting, however, and Alpinist brings you those in the form of "Top 5 Bests" from the Banff Mountain Festival.

Kevin McLane's Canadian Rock: What It Takes to Write a Guidebook

Posted November 3, 2010

Thirteen Hundred rock climbs. Seventy climbing areas. More than 800 photos and topos. In other words: a lot of work.

Book Review: One Mountain Thousand Summits

Posted October 18, 2010

Freddie Wilkinson explores the 2008 climbing disaster on the Savage Mountain.

On the Trails of the Glaciers

Posted October 8, 2010

Climber Fabiano Ventura brings awareness to receding glaciers in the Karakoram through new photographs, shot 100 years after those taken on early expeditions to the range.

Climbing and Art

Posted September 30, 2010

Peter Beal grapples with ethics, beauty and the ever-evolving art of climbing.

Reel Rock Film Tour: Boulder

Posted September 24, 2010

Reporting in from the Boulder premiere of the fifth annual Reel Rock Film Tour.

Monte Sarmiento: Photos from Tierra del Fuego

Posted September 11, 2010

Ralf Gantzhorn presents 16 striking images from the top of the bottom of the world.

Book Review: The Mountain Within

Posted August 12, 2010

It is reasonable to say at this point in history—now that popular climbing media has existed for decades—that there are climbing superstars: athletes that combine a definitive personality with difficult and stylistically charged climbs. Alexander Huber is certainly one of those superstars...

The Warrior's Way: Arno Ilgner Discusses Fear in Climbing

Posted July 27, 2010

In his quest to discover why some climbers are fearful and others brazen, Ilgner developed the Warrior's Way, a program to help climbers become aware of—and deal with—their apprehensions.

Book of Dreams

Posted July 1, 2010

Dozens of Yosemite Valley pioneers have been mailing a single book among them for months, gathering signatures to produce a unique retrospective and a way to raise money for Jim Bridwell.