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Adventures in El Chorro, Spain

Posted September 12, 2007

Dodging trains, jumping gaps, and climbing some of the best limestone cracks in the world—the first part of an adventure series on El Chorro, the "Jewel of the Mediterranean," by photographer and writer Traveler Taj Terpening.

Sierra Aspirants: A Cartoon Story

Posted September 6, 2007

Follow Michael McMillan's colorful story about his glory days, from the orange orchard he called home to the (almost) top of the Sierra. This humorist, artist and climber shares his past through fifteen woodcut block prints and a touching essay.

1931 Exum Ridge Video

Posted August 27, 2007

Watch the ten-minute video that documents the third ascent of the Grand Teton's Exum Ridge, and read the story of George Waters, the photographer and climber who captured the footage—one of the first video accounts of such a committing peak—in 1931.

How To Get A Date At YOUR Gym

Posted April 1, 2004

It's been a long winter in the gym. While the snow piled outside, the climbers gathered within. Pawing our way up the walls, I'm sure many of us wondered how long it would be before we drew one chalky breath too many and died of some rare but serious lung disease. Fortunately, there was always the distraction of eye-candy. Man-candy. When so many climbers are drawn into the warehouse of plastic, it's a great time to display your feathers for a prospective mate. After a full winter of observation, I can offer some tips to you gentleman that are sure to set us women-folk into a dither.

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