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Ascending The Giants

Posted February 25, 2008

For a pair of arborist-adventurers, climbing isn't just something to do on a cliff. A journey into the canopy of Washington's Olympic National Park.


Posted February 22, 2008

One week in the Caribbean during an Atlantic Ocean hurricane swell. Local surfers share some tube time and fun in the sun.

Dying for Everest

Posted February 18, 2008

Mark Ingles became the first double amputee to summit Mt. Everest. However, he was greeted not with a hero's welcome but with media condemnation when it became known that he had passed Briton David Sharp near the summit and left him to die.

Finding Balance

Posted February 14, 2008

A short film that explores the relationship between the outdoors and the creative energy that fuels Lucas Reynolds's music.

The Fatal Game

Posted February 11, 2008

After summitting Mt. Everest in 1994, Kiwi guide Mark Whetu and his client Mike Rheinberger are forced to bivouac at 28,800 feet. The next day they try to descend but Rheinberger is stricken with cerebral edema and Whetu must decide whether to stay with his friend on the mountain or save his own life.

Surfing Morocco

Posted February 4, 2008

The swell-forecasting models were predicting the biggest swell of the year to hit northern Africa by week's end, and the crew had only a matter of days to slip away to the world's best waves.

Spirit of Snow

Posted February 1, 2008

A tour of backcountry skiing's roots—from its origins in Central Asia and Scandanavia to the 10th Mountain Division in WII to present day freeriders—that is part historical, part ski film and part inspiration.


Posted January 28, 2008

Follow a solo alpinist as he comes face to face with his fears on a difficult peak.

Person as Projectile

Posted January 21, 2008

Catch skier Julian Carr drop more than a thousand feet in under four minutes.

The Wadi Rum Expedition

Posted January 14, 2008

A film showcasing Jordan's culture and the experience of four climbers—Heidi Wirtz, Chris Kalous, Ben Firth and Aaron Black—on a new 1,200-foot free climb up one of the country's tallest walls.

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