Alpinist: This was your first routelines experience. What did you expect it would be like going in?

GC: I expected, since K2 has fewer than a dozen routes, it would be easy.

Alpinist: But?

Gwen: [Expletive Deleted]. You can’t say that in print. Let’s see, we got the routeline photos and we sent them out to the climbers we had contact information for. For the climbs done by people who are now deceased, or whom we were unable to find contact information for, we sent the photos to the most reliable sources we could. Some of them got back to us right away. Some of them, no. Some of them got back to us this morning, the day we ship to the printers, which should be a time when we’re all done and just watching [the issue] upload. But instead I got an email, “This marked route (drawn by the climber’s partner) has so many errors that it almost defies description...”

Gwen Cameron, five minutes after upload. [Photo] Keese Lane