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“Go Right!”
The voice seemed too far away to be Scott’s. I turned around. Two figures were descending the pillar behind us. (We’d later find out they were Brazilians who’d climbed the Goretta Pillar the day before.) They yelled again, “Are you crazy? That ice is shit. Get off of it, and traverse to the crack to the right.” –Cheyne Lempe, Alpinist 39

“Climbing in Patagonia is also about community. Each ascent is part of a larger whole; each story interweaves with the other.”  –Katie Ives, Alpinist Editor-in-Chief

It is easy to cut a climbing experience down to a single moment.  A summit handshake. A single trembling weight transition that bridges the unknown and the possible. An accident. Those moments may make for great photographs and sound bites but they do not really occur individually. Every instant is part of a chain connecting the past to the future. With Issue 39, we wanted to represent both the diversity and the interconnectivity of those experiences. Some happen almost simultaneously, as we saw last season in Patagonia when tragedy, success and controversy all occurred at the same time. Or, as Ed Douglas shows in “The Magician’s Glass,” it can take decades to understand the truth of a single experience. Either way we hope that you’ve enjoyed our efforts to link a moment with a life, and an individual image with a collective imagination.

In the video above, Cheyne Lempe shares his experiences in Patagonia during the last season. (You may recognize his distinctive glasses from the cover of Issue 39.) At age 20, Cheyne left the United States for the first time to climb the unclimbed North Pillar Sit Start (5.11 A1, 1900m) on the Fitz Roy massif with Scott Bennett. This video shows one of the many experiences that made up the last season in Patagonia. Enjoy! – Keese Lane, Alpinist Online Editor
(Be advised, the video contains some foul language. If you wish to skip the introduction, the climbing starts around 3:30.)

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