For two months this summer in Lauterbrunnen, Dean focused on flying. In the mornings he ran up long alpine moderates to take a mountain BASE flight. In the rainy afternoons he meditated, worked on his book and drafted new wing suit designs. In the evenings he socialized at the Horner Pub.

In late August Dean scrambled up the west ridge of the Eiger searching for a new jumping spot. He had scoured the same ridge a year before and found nothing. “I went back this year with positive energy and believing,” Dean says. “And this year it was right there in front of me.” Two-thousand vertical feet higher than the standard launching mushroom, Dean leapt from the ridge for the highest (9,000’ vertical), farthest (nearly six kilometers) and longest (almost three minutes) BASE flight ever recorded.




Dean Potter on the first FreeBASE ascent ever: Deep Blue Sea (7b+/5.12+, 300m, FA Rathmaier-Ruhstaller, 2001) on the north face of the Eiger, August 6, 2008.