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More than 200 climbers gathered in Salt Lake City for this year's Craggin' Classic.
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Joanne Urioste began writing the Crag Profile for Alpinist 28 a year ago. If that sounds like a long time, consider that she's been climbing in Nevada for nearly four decades.

It took climbers a while to discover what's now called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, despite its conspicuous 3,000' escarpments of Aztec sandstone. Thirty-five years ago, Joanne reminds us, "Vegas was just a small glittery puddle surrounded by wild land and dirt roads that local teens liked to explore."

The climbing there is so vast that exploration is still under way. But times have changed, and route development at Red Rock is now synonymous with bureaucracy. Click here to learn more about the 20-year bolting struggle and why your voice matters now. And be sure to read Joanne's profile, "Red Rock: Voices in the Desert," in Alpinist 28. (Subscribe now and get 33% off with promotion code ALPHC5).

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