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A brief modern history of climbing in the Adirondacks.
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Alpinist 30 has shipped! Breathe euphoria with Maxime Turgeon as he crosses the Alps on bicycle. Burn with fever as Jeff Lowe's illness determines the fate of the 1978 Latok I expedition. Admire the ink strokes that document Jeremy Collins' tempestuous time beneath Fitz Roy.

Editor-in-chief Michael Kennedy calls Alpinist 30 a compendium of "realized and unrealized dreams." The phrase also sums up Jeremy's time in Patagonia. The climber-artist spent a month there with three intentions: summit Fitz Roy, establish a new route and draw in his book every day. Two out of three ain't bad, Jeremy says: "You take what you can get in Patagonia, and then you go home."

"Drawn South" in Alpinist 30 tells Jeremy's story through words and eight masterful sketches. In this electronic newsletter, Jeremy reveals the inspirations behind five of his drawings.

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