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Majka Burhardt grew up among thick pines in central Minnesota's rolling hills. Early on, she craved the West's big mountains and open spaces. At 18 years old, she spent every free moment adventuring in the Cascades, Rockies and Sierras. At 21, she moved—initially to Estes Park, CO, and then to Boulder—to find freedom in big ranges.

When Majka first traveled to the Northeast years later, she discovered cliff bands that were scraggly, not towering. And unlike the great tribes of climbers out West, her brethren were scattered and quieter. At first she wondered: What's to love?

In Majka's recent feature article, "Go East" in Alpinist 29, she reveals the small but powerful lures of New England. Click here to see Majka and partners on four sensational icefalls and read an interview in which she gives tribute to winters out East.

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