This photo and those that follow are pictures from Hermann Huber's private collection.

[Left] A MARWA screw. First manufactured by Mariner Wastl in 1958, the thin body was designed to limit the amount of ice displaced but also resulted in the screw being very weak structurally. The MARWA is remembered as the first link in the chain leading to the modern screw, and—ironically—as an unreliable form of protection. [Middle] A Welzenbach-style piton modified by SALEWA in 1959. The twisted design improved the holding power of the original straight design without increasing the expansion pressure placed on the ice. Welzenbach and his partner Rigele invented the ice piton in order to aid climb the ice of the Grosses Weisbachhorn. [Right] A homemade ice piton from the same era. The tapered design actually decreased its holding ability. Note the barbed teeth for increased purchase.