The discrepancy was never resolved, and Alpinist published the Mountain Profile with both routelines and this caption:

A note on the 1956 route(s) depicted here: Lionel Terray drew the line indicated as (1a) in the 1960 Annales du Groupe de Haute Montagne (pages 18-19). Routeline (1b) was drawn by Robert Sennelier for Alpinist in February, 2004. The account of the climb in this issue is based on Terray’s recollections. Take heart: we’re as confused as you are.  
A correction in Alpinist 8, Autumn 2004 added:

In Issue 7, on Page 22 (“Mountain Profile: Taulliraju”), a photograph of Taulliraju’s north face shows two possibilities for the 1956 first-ascent route. Robert Sennelier, a member of the first ascent team, submitted a photograph that provides compelling evidence that the route marked “1b” is in fact the correct route line. The photograph shows the rock pillar (visible in the photograph) on the northwest ridge of the peak in relative close proximity to a climber making the first ascent.”

[Photo] Alpinist 7 Mountain Profile