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Spanish alpinist Antonio "Sevi" Gómez Bohórquez recently revived and almost put to rest a skeleton from the Alpinist closet. In Summer 2004, Issue 7 featured a Mountain Profile on Taulliraju, the 5830m "Ice Flower" in Peru's Cordillera Blanca. Like every MP, Alpinist 7's profile of Taulliraju is an exhaustive climbing history of the peak—the result of many research hours by contributors, editors and interns. Having published several climbing guides for the area, Bohórquez was enlisted to supervise the project. Among other corrections and additions, Bohórquez noted that the routeline drawn for Alpinist earlier that year by first ascentionist Robert Sennelier—the first to climb Taulliraju along with Pierre Souriac, Claude Gaudin, Maurice Davaille and Lionel Terray in 1956—was not consistent with any other published routeline. Referring to reports from the 1956 expedition, Bohórquez argued that Sennelier's memory might have betrayed him.

Click in to read more about Bohórquez's research into the first ascent of Taulliraju in this edition of High Camp.

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