You've written the guidebook for Hyalite and a profile on it. Can you tell us a little more about the history of Hyalite and how your view of it has changed?

One of the things about Hyalite is that it's been around for a long time, but until the road opened, not a lot of people knew about it, plus it had a really short season. But now, in addition to accessibility and reliability, I've really recognized how some of the routes and the history of Hyalite are held up among the hardest routes in the world. Early on, in the 1970's, we might not have had the hardest routes, but then Alex Lowe came around. Now some of Hyalite's traditional mixed routes and bolted mixed routes are among the hardest in the country.

When I was working on the article I looked at the breadth of Hyalite's significance, and saw what an important and rich history it has had in North American ice climbing.

A typical day in Hyalite. (Click the image) [Photo] Hyalitecanyon-Youtube