Jury Questioning

This year the jury of the Piolet d'Or selected six finalists for the 2011 Piolet d'Or. Jury President Greg Child told Alpinist that the style of the climbs was the major criteria used in selecting the nominees. But the jury could only get so much from trip reports,in order to fully understand each climb they had to question the teams in person. And question they did, Haley and Aartun were quized regarding how much of their route was previously unclimbed and their decision to not carry bivy gear. Dempster and Normand's presentation started a discussion of whether WI5 meant poor protection or sustained vertical climbing. While Bass and Figg were questioned regarding their actions when team member Pat Deavoll decided to descend early on during their climb. The French team was asked about their decision not to continue to main the summit of Lunag, while the Greenland expedition's photos and videos of climbers freeing/reascending pitches was probed. Yokoyama and Okada were mostly questioned about the Logan Massif though when asked about the satellite phone they carried they clarified, "We brought it just to call the airplane. We tried to call and ask for a weather forecast. It was worthless."

The jury intent on Malcolm Bass and Paul Figg's presentation of their climb on Vasuki Parbat.