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Alpinist Magazine is committed to celebrating world alpinism and adventure climbing in the simplest, most beautiful manner possible. The heart of Alpinist lies in first-person accounts of long routes from around the world, investigative reports of subjects compelling to climbing aficionados, and documentary pieces that capture the spirit of ascent in any of its myriad forms. We welcome queries on article ideas from our readers, and encourage contact prior to the submission of articles. We pay $.25 per word for our feature articles; photos are compensated according to our Photographic Pay Rate. For more information, go to contribute photography.

Letters We welcome letters to the magazine. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity and/or brevity.

The Climbing Life The Climbing Life offers a forum for our readers to share their observations from their own climbing experiences. The section features succinct essays, revealing anecdotes, amusing insights, pithy observations, tightly written slander and bald-faced lies on climbing-related subjects of the authorís choosing. Essays, vignettes and anecdotes should not be about you, your friends or your climbing. Rather, they should offer an impartial, third-person observation about some aspect or occasion of the climbing life that amuses, appalls, inspires, excites, arouses, infuriates or in some other way moves you. Pieces should be well-written, 250- to 500-word essays that capture the color, sound, and/or taste of the world from the climber's perspective. Pay is $.25 per word for the piece; submit pieces to

Mountain Profile Our Mountain Profile section gives archival-quality overviews of specific peaks and massifs, complete with full route information, photos with route lines, and sidebars by the first ascenscionists of the most interesting lines. We welcome queries on Mountain Profile subjects from our readers. Please address them to

Climbing Notes We publish first-hand notes on significant new routes (Grade V and longer) in our Climbing Notes section, and encourage climbers to submit brief (250-500 words), factual accounts of their climbs and expeditions to us at Photos from the climbs are welcome as well, as are photos of the mountain on which the routes take place. When submitting route photos, please include a color copy of the original image and draw in the route line accurately. We pay our regular rates for Climbing Notes and Climbing Notes Photos, but as a service to the international climbing community, we include the additional license to reproduce the notes and photos, with applicable route lines, in the "Climbing Notes" section of our web site (Photos are reproduced at 72 dpi.)

In Memoriam In Memoriam honors our departed partners with the integrity their lives deserve. Photos of the subject from the various climbs of their lives are welcome. Obituaries can run up to 1,000 words. We pay our regular rates for obituaries and photos. Please query us regarding a subject at

Off Belay Our back page is open to the widest imaginable expression of the climbing experience, from first-person accounts of dire situations to lampoons of the inevitable absurdities of alpinism to illustrated how-to guides to picking up dates at the crags. Feel free to hit us with ideas. We pay $.25 per word per essay; appropriate photos are compensated according to our Photographic Guidelines. For more information, go to contribute photography.

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