Job Opportunities

Alpinist Magazine seeks qualified applicants for three- to four-month internships. Editorial Interns work at Alpinist Headquarters in Jeffersonville, VT. Read below for more information and how to apply.

Editorial Internship

Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes at Alpinist Magazine? Join our team as the Editorial Intern and you'll get firsthand experience, from organizing photo submissions to writing news and feature stories for to executing historical research.

Alpinist's Editorial Intern works closely with the editorial and photo staff and must be based at Alpinist Headquarters in Jeffersonville, VT. Day-to-day work depends on the intern's interests and strengths, resulting in a specialized exposure to the outdoor publishing industry. Responsibilities could include but are not limited to:

* Proofreading, editing and fact checking
* Researching historical documents for Alpinist features and departments
* Author articles for
* Work on other web-based projects that fit the intern's strengths
* Soliciting and managing photo submissions
* Supporting the Alpinist team with administrative tasks
* Writing copy for the print magazine
* Corresponding with contributors
* Translating, for interns with foreign language fluency

No specific computer proficiency is required, but interns are expected to be able to learn the basics of programs similar to Inkscape, InCopy, Photoshop and Excel. Applicants should be self-motivated and detail-oriented with good organizational skills. Since responsibilities vary wildly from day to day, the Editorial Intern must have a love of learning and an ability to multitask in a team atmosphere.

The 20+ hour/week position is unpaid, but offers rich experience and learning opportunities. Many of Alpinist's previous interns have secured top-notch jobs in the outdoor and publishing industries. To apply, email a cover letter and resume (including a description of climbing experience) to:

Paula Wright, Associate Editor, Alpinist Magazine