Information on Applying for Alpinist Internships

Our interns play an important role behind the scenes as well as in the development of every issue of Alpinist. Without their selfless dedication to the cause, the magazine would not be what it is today. Herein, we present the exalted interns emeriti:


Online Editorial Intern, Summer 2010

Meghan's climbing escapades began on the monkey bars at the neighborhood playground, confirming from a young age that adventure would ensue wherever she went.

Raised in Kanata, Ontario, Meghan caught the mountain bug at age 15 when her family took a road trip to Banff National Park. Though she spent many summers working in the mountains in the following years, after her graduation from Queen's University in 2007 she promptly moved back to Banff and has called it "home" ever since.

Meghan loves hiking, backcountry camping, rock and alpine climbing, ski touring, as well as yoga, photography and traveling. As a freelance writer [], her work has been published in Skiing Magazine, the Canadian Alpine Journal and other publications for the Alpine Club of Canada, and various newspapers. She also produces marketing materials and assists with social media strategies for local businesses.

During her time at Alpinist, Meghan learned how to write NewsWires in her sleep, leave the "u" out of "favorite" and how to spell "Kyrgyzstan" four different ways. She had the privilege of being the first-ever, 100% Skype intern for Alpinist and is pretty sure that, even in real life, Erik’s face is actually made up of pixels.


Online Editorial Intern, Winter 2009-10

Growing up in Colorado under the tutelage of a Norwegian father and German mother, Mark's formative years consisted of skiing and chocolate. After completing a 600-mile paddling trip with 5 friends to Hudson Bay, he shipped off to Santa Clara University to get degrees in Political Science and French. While "attending" school, Mark spent most of his time road-tripping through California exploring the Sierras and every crag along the way. Needing a break from road-tripping, he spent a year studying in Paris, his free time split between climbing in the Alps and getting tossed off boulders in Fountainbleau. After graduation, Mark rambled to South America where he worked as a climbing guide and English teacher. Upon his return, he re-immersed himself in the dirt-bag lifestyle. When the prospect arose to write for Alpinist, Mark jumped at it knowing that this would most likely be the coolest internship he would ever have. So far: true.

Mark currently is pursuing a M.A. in International Administration/Development at the University of Denver. In December 2011, he is planning a trip with three friends to paddle the first full descent of three rivers in South America. Dubbed Operation: Pink Paddle, this trip is attempting to raise $25,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Online Editorial Intern, Autumn 2009

Shipped off to Innsbruck, Austria nearly every summer to live with his grandparents as a kid, Reinhard became completely enamored with the mountains and everything alpine. So, while getting his bachelor's in political science at Santa Clara University, he spent free days and weekends in Tahoe on the slopes or bouldering at Castle Rock. After graduating with a "useless" degree, Reinhard switched coasts and began work at a charity in New York City. It was here he met Mad Max, who taught him the ways of trad at the fabled Gunks. After being accepted to graduate school, Reinhard decided that the best way to satisfy his new obsession--risking falls on placed gear--was to move back to the Bay Area and climb as much as possible.

Following a summer being a complete dirtbag in the valley, Tuolumne and other climbing haunts, Reinhard figured the only way to keep himself sane while pursuing his master's in journalism at NYU would be to write for in the concrete valleys of Manhattan. Working for Alpinist was one of his best interning experiences. And it reminded him that there are still plenty of explorers finding adventure, at sea level and well above it.


Online Editorial Intern, Autumn 2009

Born in Western Massachusetts to a climber dad and a (tough) bookworm mom, Michael grew up with 7th-grade book reports on The White Spider, Hermann Buhl bedtime stories, and a general emphasis on creative adventure.

At age 14, Michael received a (single) ice tool for Christmas, and began bashing his way up the Huntington Ravine climbs on Mt. Washington. He fondly recalls getting Alpinist 2 confiscated in Junior-year math class. At Colorado College a few elders let him tag along on climbs, which Michael enjoyed so long as it was cold, icy, and he didn't have to wear rock shoes. He got his first little gig at Alpinist by crassly imitating then-editor Christian Beckwith in his joke-rag, Spray. He believes the email said something like: "Well, I can either get you a job, or sue the pants off of you."

Michael graduated with a degree in English from CC, when a great professor realized keeping him in the classroom during the melt/freeze months was relatively futile and sanctioned a final paper on the construction of alpinism. He now lives in Intervale, New Hampshire. Recent fun climbs included a great two weeks in the Ruth Gorge of Alaska, a solo of Cannon Cliff's Black Dike in 1:42 car-to-car, and a rescue of a stranded, scared 45-pound husky from Damnation Gully in his beloved Huntington Ravine.


Production Intern, Summer 2009

Keese used to teach English at an agricultural boarding school in rural Austria. When summer vacation came he returned to his native Vermont to spend a few months as an intern with the newly revived Alpinist. However, he enjoyed drawing route-lines in the kitchen so much that, come fall, he boxed up his lederhosen and stayed on as Assistant Editor.

Prior to Austria, Keese dug for fossils in the Montana badlands and was on the only team to ever roller-ski the ALCAN. He spent three years studying at Montana State in Bozeman. During those years a fellow student from North Carolina took Keese under his wing and taught him the ways of climbing on ice and stone. Keese interrupted his studies at MSU to study, travel and climb in Europe. He graduated from Bozeman in 2008 with degrees in Political Science and German.


Production Intern, Autumn 2008

Pamela had one of the most awkward internships of all time at Alpinist.

Her tenure could be summed up by the expression Only. Handle. It. Once. (OHIO). Because she presided over the end and close of Alpinist Jackson, Pamela had only one chance to iterate photos, the "delightful task" that everyone told her was the foundation of her internship. So, she spent much of her time decorating the office, making sure posters were straight using a professional leveling tool, writing for and returning photo submissions to world-famous climbers in Utah, Colorado and Italy. This also gave her the opportunity to use her skills in Italian to translate the Italian words for piton, belay and "paternal spirit dialectic of the universe." Soon after, she was asked out on a date by a local bartender over the office phone.

Pamela is currently in Boulder, Colorado attempting to bankrupt her second company (and is fairly close to succeeding). She never climbed in the Tetons (for others, this remains a never-ending point of mockery), though she did trail run to Lake Solitude and bike up Teton Pass.

Though she cannot tell you what the view is like from the summit of the Grand Teton, she does remember the greatest moment of her internship. Hanging more posters for Christian in the middle of the office, with everyone else looking on, he said what Pamela heard as "How is your sex sense?" She gulped hard and repeated the question for clarity. "No, Pamela. I said, 'How is your aesthetic sense?'"


Online Editorial Intern, Summer 2008

A genuine Jackson Hole native, Melissa feels quite at home in the Rocky Mountains, whether she's stalking trout in a remote river or just enjoying the peace of the backcountry. Since graduating from the Journeys School of the Teton Science Schools, Melissa has completed a B.A. in International Studies at the University of Chicago and will soon finish an M.A. in American History from the University of Montana. When she's not buried in a stack of books, Melissa is a fly-fishing guide for Snake River Angler, or wandering to remote bits of the globe. Melissa suffers from a serious bite from the Travel Bug, and has been lucky enough to spend time in Spain, Holland, France, England, Switzerland, Mexico, Romania, Italy, Thailand and most recently, Vietnam. She loves cameras, adventures and coming home to Jackson Hole, which made interning at Alpinist a truly excellent endeavor.

At Alpinist, Melissa became nothing short of a ninja at photo editing, and significantly sharpened her skills at spying grammatical errors. Meanwhile, she accrued an impressive array of nicknames including "Thomassaman" (inspired by a particular variety of curry) and her own personal favorite: "M-Slice."

While details of Melissa's future remain unclear, she is confident there are many remote places to explore, people to meet, fish to catch, degrees to acquire and photos to snap. Between adventures, she will most likely be found in her driftboat, Nanda Devi, on the Snake River or getting comfortable in the shade with a book or guitar.


Film Festival Intern, Summer 2008

After graduating from Middlebury College and getting a small taste of winter in Jackson last year, Jenny found a way to postpone a lucrative career of trading stocks on wall street by interning with Alpinist in exchange for free domain to Dan Long's candy drawer.

Jenny thoroughly enjoyed helping Leslie dive into the expansion of the AFF, as they juggled the Master Festival, Tour and Silver Screen Sessions. It is safe to say that she is now very well acquainted with the world-wide phenomenon of email and Excel spreadsheets. Amongst the organization and planning, however, she gladly fit in some good adventures in the mountains and on the river.

During her time at Alpinist, Jenny found inspiration in the posters in the bathroom, Erik's carnie imitations, and watching Leslie continuously be the lucky one to replace the water jugs. This winter Jenny will be working for JH Ski Cub where she'll be the program coordinator and head coach for the little kids' nordic team (skiing uphill is underrated), and at Trio Bistro where she pours a mean glass of water.


Production Intern, Summer 2008

In elementary school, Bethany wished she had glasses and braces, and she cried when her homework wasn't perfect. In high school, she got braces but wished she didn't have them, and she still cried sometimes about her homework. After graduating from The University of the South in Sewanee, TN, Bethany spent four months hiking on the Appalachian Trail before moving to Malaysia, where she taught English in a small village near a big lake. When government representatives advised her to leave the country, Bethany returned home and, feeling a little lost, began to apply for unpaid internships across the continental U.S. Thus she arrived in Jackson to intern for the great Dan Long, master of the candy drawer and all things technical.

During her time at Alpinist, Bethany destroyed three cellular phones, fell in love with Alex Honnold, compiled a short book of articles concerning a certain Nepalese peak and became notorious about town for wrecking her bicycle. Although she still isn't sure why everyone at Alpinist is obsessed with the state of Ohio, she does feel that she has nearly perfected the arts of iteration, FredEx, and Xerox.

Having recently been informed that there is, in fact, no Exum Guide Mail-Order-Groom service, Bethany is in the process of reevaluating her plans for the future. For now though, she anticipates a long and exciting winter as a booze-slinging ski bum.


Alpinist Film Festival Intern, Winter 2008

Hillary decided move to Jackson to be an Alpinist Intern in lieu of spending her last spring semester at Middlebury College in Vermont. She was greeted by a month of straight powder days spent in a frenzy of AFF08 planning and a few VIP badge cutting sessions of biblical proportions. While not working on the film festival she took the opportunity to write NewsWires for Erik and closely and intimately collaborate with McKenzie on researching El Cap's route lines. She loved her time at Alpinist and will miss Dan's constant stream of optimism and candy, Erik's voices, and laughing with her fellow interns.

Her next step is to graduate from Middlebury after one more semester, and then hopefully return to Jackson and be able to take full advantage of all of the skiing it has to offer. Eventually she wishes to pursue a graduate degree in Textile Design and design neon fish technical apparel for Patagonia.


Online Editorial Intern, Winter 2008

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in magazine journalism, Katrina decided to postpone getting a real job and instead moved to Yosemite. There she spent the entire summer learning to trad climb and waking up a 4:45 a.m. to prepare buffet food for the hordes of tourists and dirtbags. Once her climbing partners left, Katrina decided it still wasn't time to join the real world, and she moved to Jackson, where she ended up living in a crawl space and becoming a member of the Alpinist intern brigade.

Helping Erik maintain the Alpinist website provided Katrina with an infinite amount of tasks. She will especially miss translating foreign emails, Tuesday meetings, the thrill of actually finding news, closing p tags, Erik and Dan's duets, and creating Wallpaper. She will forever be indebted to Erik for teaching her how to write proper titles and for loaning her his enormous crash pad so she had something to sleep on. As she packs up to return to Yosemite, Katrina is frustrated that she is leaving right when the weather is finally nice enough that she doesn't have to dig her car out of the driveway every morning.

Her advice to future interns: maintain the quote board, use the random number generator, and only handle it once.


Production Intern, Winter 2008

After graduating from University of Cincinnati with a degree in graphic design, McKenzie went on a quest to move closer to mountains and to dedicate her life to all things climbing; first by becoming a summer camp director at a climbing gym, and then by becoming an unpaid Alpinist monkey. There she enjoyed some Film Festival madness, learned obscure information about important climbers, and spent tireless hours iterating photos. Now after her recent newfound freedom she plans on resisting the urge to get a real job by serving bagels and coffee, starting a bicycle courier business, and exploring the exciting climbing offered by the wild west.

For any incoming interns she leaves a few words of advice: wear your jacket while inside the office, beware the diabetes drawer, perfect your accents, and most importantly: OHIO!

NOTE: Even though they suspiciously share the same last name and are from the same hometown, McKenzie and Dan, core members of Team Long, share no relation.


Production Intern, Autumn 2007

In the spring of 2007 and by some stroke of luck, Ryan graduated from Montana State University with a B.A. in English Literature. Interestingly enough, not a single person throughout his four years of college taught him that it is standard operating procedure to find a paying job after graduation, so following a summer of climbing in Montana, Ryan blindly drove to Jackson, starry-eyed and giddy with the excitement of having signed on as the production intern. The following months at the Alpinist office were fast-paced and exciting, interspersed with a number of attempts to think about trying to possibly go climbing.

Highlights of his time at Alpinist included (but were not limited to) pouring over thousands of non-climbing related Cochamo photos (with a few climbing shots thrown in for good measure), editing online content, eagerly learning the ins, outs, and what-have-you's of photo editing, and generally annoying his fellow intern with tasteless e-mails and strange noises (admittedly, this can be partially credited for the poor sap's recent demise).

He will remain forever indebted to Christian for teaching him how to properly administer a glue stick (a good thing, since he somehow must have missed that part of kindergarten), and deeply misses the Alpinist crew and entourage as he returns to the mountains of southwest Montana.


Online Editorial Intern, Autumn 2007

After dropping out of five colleges and leaving promising careers in hair-care product manufacture, bird handling, food and beverage management, beer brewing, retail, emergency medicine, bike messengering, unemployment and bartending to become a freelance writer and general dirtbag, Luke found himself in Madison, WI. He sought a way to make even less money while still working too much. Alpinist provided this in spades, so he abandoned his poor, depressed canine sidekick in the care of his long suffering parents and drove to WY and the Alpinist office. There, he grew to love the Weekly Feature, flirted with Denali, and had a passionate affair with researching and composing NewsWires. After months of toil, Luke gleefully pranced away in his Fire-Red Mammut Laser softshell and promptly collapsed in a snowbank--his Alpinist-spawned ulcer finally spraying geysers of blood out of his abdomen.

Luke is recovering via a strict regimen of speaking in a Huber-esque German accent, obsessively re-reading Mark Twight's Kiss or Kill, and generally maintaining his perpetual commitment to excess.

Editor's Note: Weirdly enough, this all seems to be accurate.


Production Intern, Summer 2007

Chris graduated from Colby College in 2007 with a B.A. in International and Environmental Studies. After a post-grad, cross-country road trip, he landed in Jackson, joining Alpinist's intern cluster. Throughout his time at Alpinist, Chris became intimately involved with Cannon's Route Lines, Ivan Calderon's family and Stefan Seigrist's MySpace profile. When not drooling over contact sheets filled with perfectly coiffed hair, he relished the opportunity to translate for Issue 22 and write NewsWires for, as well as contribute gear reviews to Alpinist Mountain Standards. He is now living in Jackson, working as a freelance writer, gear techie and semi-professional dirt-bag. Chris recently cut his hair short and his roommates all agree that he looked more dashing (and warmer) when he had it longer.


Marketing Intern, Summer 2007

Although he grew up in the semi-foothills of Colorado, Micah decided that he would explore some new territory in the Ozarks of Arkansas for college. Though the 65-foot sport routes provided some outlet for his moderate talents on rock, the opportunity to work beneath the Tetons for his favorite magazine was one that could not be missed. During his time working as the circ intern, Micah put to use his ingenuity in myriad ways on a number of different projects--although some may argue whether "ingenuity" is the most appropriate way to describe his thinking processes.

Micah is now in his final year at John Brown University, where he will graduate with a double-degree in Marketing and Spanish in May 2008. After graduation, he hopes to head to either Chile or Argentina, where he will practice his Spanish, learn South American business practices, and with a bit of planning and luck, climb routes a few feet higher than those found in northwest Arkansas.


Advertising Intern, Summer 2007

After graduating from the University of New Mexico in May, 2007, I decided to bring my southwestern flavor to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At Alpinist I was involved with a number of tasks--from dealing with every part of the advertising process to playing a huge role in the Alpinist Mountain Standards program (and other aspects of the new, amazing The latter led to a severe case of gear acquisition syndrome (G.A.S.). I also hold the record for having the most fruit thrown at me in the office because of my loud telephone calls (good luck stealing my title, prospies). Although Jackson always will have a special place in my heart, I am now back home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enjoying work as a Professional Intern with the UNM Alumni Relations Department.


Intern for Life, Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007

Growing up on a ranch bordering Grand Teton National Park, Matt has been venturing into the mountains since he could walk. His climbing ventures have taken him throughout the Tetons, across Utah's desert towers, and to a series of rotten mud spires and boulders in between. Along with a passion for climbing, Matt has acquired a knack for exploring curious locations overseas, which through a series of unbelievable events has led him to 13 foreign lands in the past few years. Arriving at Alpinist at the commencement of his Senior year in high school, Matt has worked diligently covering a wide variety of tasks and positions. Ranging from screening film festival movies to helping Erik update, Matt has obtained myriad skills that will both aid and inspire him as be starts his summer position at Exum Mountain Guides before attending Davidson College in the fall.


Production Intern, Winter 2007

After 21 years of sweltering Texas temperatures, Rachel decided it would be appropriate to jump to the opposite end of the spectrum and spend a winter in Jackson. She signed on as the Production Intern to help Dan Long (the Production Manager) with his tasks. Unfortunately for Dan, Rachel ended up as a full-time Graphic Design Intern designing collateral for the Alpinist Film Festival and producing T-shirt, sticker and hat designs, doubling Dan's workload.

Rachel will perpetually value the time she spent with Alpinist. Doors have been opened for her to continue her interests, as she will be working as a Graphic Designer at Jackson Hole News & Guide. The friendships she's made through the office are nothing short of family and Rachel will miss Katie, Anna, Dan, Erik and CB immensely (in that order).

Rachel will continue working extremely part-time with Alpinist as the Director of Intern Relations. Get excited if you're in the summer army of Alpinist Interns. She'll be issuing you a red hat and a speed-o. Incredibly, Rachel has seen the ENTIRE internet. An amazing feat, indeed.


Production Intern, Autumn 2006

Having just earned a master's degree in writing from Dartmouth College, Erik decided it was time to get a real unpaid job. The production internship at Alpinist was a perfect fit, blending his interests in writing, editing, designing and climbing. "Plus, Jackson's way better than New Hampshire," he said. "There are no parking meters."

Erik will remain at Alpinist to become the magazine's first Online Editor. In addition to writing for Alpinist and, his words have appeared in Rock & Ice, the Jackson Hole News & Guide and Homestead Magazine, among others. He is co-author of the book Thin Ice: Inuit Traditions within a Changing Environment, and he is currently writing a non-fiction novel about an Arctic explorer.


Marketing Intern, Summer 2006

After graduating from Middlebury College in '04, I came out to Jackson to begin my life in adulthood. Two years later and with plenty of restaurant experience, it was time to use my brain once again and I ventured into the world of Alpinist. With marketing being one of my career interests, I signed on with former circulation director Andy Leinecke and was helped into the transition of new circ director and former marketing intern Chris Dickey. Most of my internship was spent on the phone selling calendars and learning about online marketing strategies for the launch of the new Alpinist website. With my Alpinist career at a close, I am continuing to look for more long-term marketing opportunities in the area and snowboarding as much as possible in the meantime.


Production Intern, Summer 2006

Dan graduated from Miami University in 2005 with a B.F.A., having concentrated in photography. He joined Alpinist following a month-long trip to Patagonia, and the end of a distinguished career in the retail industry. His time as an intern was spent working closely on the implementation of the new, as well as asking Alex a stream of never-ending questions. The internship was an invaluable experience for Dan, who will be heading up Production at Alpinist in the fall.


Marketing Intern, Spring 2006

I always wondered what its like living the extravagant and glamorous lifestyle of an Alpinist employee. Meshing business skills with my strong passion for climbing has been a goal for a while. Taking away a keen understanding of the online marketing space as well as event logistics planning was a major plus. I saw the publication industry from the inside out. Watching an issue go from its rough form to final product was cool. I learned a ton about online marketing and the climbing industry in general. Writing a marketing recommendation for the launch of the new Alpinist website filled a bit of my time when I was not helping manage a ski shop on the side or skiing or climbing. Helping out with the Barry Corbet (Alpinist) Film Festival was a blast. The internship helped me understand the job market within the outdoor industry. Now I am aspiring to again weave together my entrepreneurial drive with my obsession for climbing.


Production Intern, Spring 2006

As a Production Intern at Alpinist, I experienced all of the processes involved in transforming a vision into a Thing. During my internship, I worked on the issue of how to make this Thing, this Alpinist we all love, adore, and take to bed with us, more environmentally sustainable. I helped launch a marketing strategy for Earth Ink to find funding so the magazine could continue being published with soy-based ink products on recycled paper. I also had the opportunity write an essay for The Climbing Life and survive my first multi-pitch ice climb (thanks to Katie)! Since life at Alpinist, I have continued to pursue creative writing with the few remaining beatniks at Naropa University, contributed to an on-going ecological study of Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks, and have been active with United for Peace and Justice, a D.C.-based resource for activists opposed to the war. After five months of volunteering in India this winter, I plan to attend graduate school for Creative Writing and Peace & Conflict Studies. Cheers to top-roping!


Marketing Intern, Summer 2005

Lisa found her summer internship with Alpinist a successful introduction to the outdoor and magazine industries. With help from Andy she started a part-time, freelance marketing and circulation position for Dandelion Magazine. She resides in Jackson looking for the ultimate pow run and dreaming of warm desert cracks when it is 20 below zero. Her face is still frequently seen around the Alpinist office as she picks Andy's brain and raps with Thea. She also eggs Christian's house on her way to the post office (only kidding), but she does walk past it. Cheers!


Production Intern, Summer 2005

Kevin Kennedy took what he learned from his production internship (from organizational to communication skills) and became an itinerate bum for six months, looking for waves in Baja, stumbling through the scene at Whistler and thoroughly annoying his girlfriend's roommates in Nashville. With Alpinist's immense help, he went on to score an internship at Outside Magazine in the spring of 2006. As the career of "professional intern" reared its ugly head, Outside rescued Kevin, giving him another six months as assistant editor on their semi-annual Buyer's Guide. He is constantly on the lookout for fresh lines in Utah and Colorado and loves to rock his 29er hardtail anywhere in between.


Marketing Intern, Spring 2005

My experience with Alpinist went by faster than I ever expected. Throughout my internship, I learned more than I ever anticipated, particularly in the publishing arena. All of the real life marketing experience with Alpinist really put my education into motion. After completing my internship, I realized that Jackson was a place that suited my lifestyle with the world-class climbing, kayaking, paragliding and skiing. I now call this place home. Currently I'm working on introducing a new company called GaperGuide to the travel and tourism market. Please feel free to contact me in regards to the Alpinist intern program at


Production Intern, Spring 2005

A graduate from the Iowa Writers Workshop, Katie's stint as Production Intern allowed her to cut her (already pretty sharp) teeth as an editor, skills she continues to employ working for Alpinist as Senior Editor. Her fiction, nonfiction and translations (from French and Mongolian) have appeared in various publications, including Rock and Ice, Alpinist, Circumference, 91st Meridian and Ideya Magazine. She is currently working on a collection of short stories about climbing.


Marketing Intern, Autumn 2004

While interning Alpinist, Lindsay knew she had found her ultimate dream job... if only it paid. She now misses the Jackson lifestyle while in Boston taking science classes and applying to medical schools (out West). She strives to one day become an "expedition physician," or at least to move back to Jackson and fix knees. While not studying and living in the city, Lindsay desperately loves skiing, fly fishing and an occasional Teton climb. With a background in History and Creative Writing from Dartmouth, she finds it slightly ironic that her first publication will be in a medical journal this summer.


Production Intern, Autumn 2004

Employing the skills he learned as a Production Intern, Alex stayed with Alpinist for two years in the position of Production Manager. Overseeing the magazine's printing and pre-press relationships while running point on the magazine's many side projects, he is most proud of helping to bring Alpinist's printing onto recycled paper. He credits his experience at Alpinist with preparing him for his current positon as the Studio Manager at Nau, inc., a sustainable outdoor clothing start-up based in Portland, Oregon. His writing has appeared in Rowing News, Sailing World, AMC Outdoors and the Jackson Hole News & Guide.


Marketing Intern, Summer 2004

After interning, Chris had a two year stint with an upstart company on the east coast called NEMO Equipment, then returned to Jackson, WY. Originally from the Midwest, Chris has since made home in New Hampshire, the San Juan Islands, the USVI and New Zealand. When he's not in the office, you can probably find him off on an ill-planned road trip or climbing.


Production and Marketing Intern, Spring 2004

After finishing her illustrious Alpinist career, Lauren led a canoe expedition to the Arctic for five impressionable high school girls. Addicted to Jackson, she returned in Fall 2004 and has remained ever since. Now, she pieces together a living by freelance writing for the Jackson Hole News and Guide, Jackson Hole Magazine and Planet Jackson Hole newspaper. When not writing or adventuring, Lauren is the at-large program coordinator for a burgeoning women's canoe expedition camp in Minnesota.


Intern, Winter 2003-2004

Since working as an intern for Alpinist, Heather began her own company, Heather Erson Photography ( After traveling to Nepal as a photo assistant to David Breashears, she moved to New York City to work at the Annie Leibovitz Photo Studio. She missed Jackson, moved back in 2006, and now continues to build her outdoor and studio photography business.


Intern, Summer 2003

My experience at Alpinist and then at another outdoor publisher gave me a great insight into the inner workings of the industry. What I discovered through both of those experiences was that my interests were broader than I had otherwise thought. My previous ambition toward freelance outdoor photo and print journalism was altered by my growing interest in the legalities of publishing and intellectual property in general. So, I finished my degree in English Lit and Montana State University and began applying to law schools. I took a year off to climb, relax, get engaged (getting married July 06), and get ready for the toughest intellectual mountain of my life. I am now in my first year at The University of Baltimore School of Law and loving every minute of my legal education despite the crushing workload. Climbing and photography will have to be on the back burner for a while, but the climbing life goes on - even for lawyers.


Intern, Winter 2002-2003

When not out guiding, instructing, or plain old playing, Molly makes her home on the West side of the Tetons. Since working for Alpinist Molly has had articles and features published in Rock and Ice, Climbing, Patagonia, She Sends, The American Alpine Journal, and a variety of other publications, including an upcoming book with The Mountaineers. Molly also spends time working for The Mountain Fund, a non-profit dedicated to helping mountain communities around the world.