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About Alpinist

Since 2002, Alpinist has celebrated the deepest expressions of the climbing life: a commitment to style, beauty, excellence and integrity; a respect for history, culture, community and wilderness; a balance between timeless tradition and cutting-edge innovation; a ceaseless quest to express the mystery, playfulness and profundity of the human stories behind each ascent; and a dedication to representing the diversity of voices that enriches our pursuit.

We believe that writing, photography and illustration require the same imaginative risk-taking as alpinism. The boldest and most creative dreams that motivate climbers at all levels and in all parts of the world form the heart of the Alpinist experience. Whether we're presenting a story about a backyard crag or a high peak, we seek to capture what contributor Ed Douglas calls "the art of climbing, that spark of creativity, the shift in perspective that changes the way you--and others--view the world."

More than a magazine, Alpinist is an archival, collectable work of art. From its meticulously researched, original and well-crafted features, to its high-quality images and production value, to its evolving, symbiotic relationship with new-media forms, Alpinist represents the future of print.

With each quarterly issue, we aim to revolutionize climbing ideas, images and expressions; to champion the soul of the climbing life; to overturn expectations with creativity and laughter; and to foster a reconnection with the Wild and a re-enchantment of the world. It's been an extraordinary adventure and one that we're excited to keep pushing into new realms.