2008 Alpinist Film Festival Tour: Bozeman

Alpinist presents the REEL Adventure Festival: two nights of the most exciting films in the outdoor universe.

Venue: The Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture

Date and Time: Thursday, September 18th

Party starts at 6:00 p.m. / Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: Alpinist presents the REEL Adventure Festival: The Alpinist Film Festival Tour (9/18) and the REEL ROCK Film Tour (9/19): $12 for one night, $20 for both. Tickets available at Northern Lights and Barrel Mountaineering.

Speakers: Christian Beckwith and Jack Tackle

Additional Information: Gourmet delights, wine, and New Belgium beer provided by the Emerson Grill. Come thirsty!

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Come to the REEL Adventure Festival and enter to win a VIP pass to this year's Bozeman Ice Festival, brought to you by Montana Alpine Guides, the Northern Lights, Barrel Mountaineering, First Ascent Press, and Alpinist Magazine!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bozeman event. We raised over $2000 for SurfAid International and had a great time at it too!