Alpinist Film Festival Green Initiatives

Since shifting to 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled paper for its award-winning magazine in the Spring of 2006, Alpinist Magazine has sought other ways to help preserve the places in which adventure athletes play. The 2008 Alpinist Film will offset its estimated carbon footprint with the purchase of high-quality carbon credits generated by renewable energy projects. Details of this and other Green Initiatives will be posted on this page soon.

The following companies and organizations have been instrumental in the Alpinist Film Festival's efforts to be as sustainable as possible.

Patagonia's Mission Statement reads: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. With goals such as these, its not difficult to understand why the company had such an interest in being the primary Green Sponsor of the Alpinist Film Festival. Patagonia will underwrite the costs associated with making the event carbon neutral--thirty tons of offsets.

The Alpinist Film Festival selected Native Energy as the provider of carbon offset services. NativeEnergy provides offsets from small- and utility-scale wind projects as well as farm-methane-capture projects. They also help to design projects that create sustainable economic benefits for Native Americans, Alaska Native Villages and other local communities, and that help family farmers compete with large agribusiness interests. The AFF's purchase of thirty tons of carbon credits from NativeEnergy will help support the sales and installations of German-designed wind turbines remanufactured and customized for Midwest conditions.

As you enjoy a New Belgium beer during the festival, rest easy in the knowledge that your cup is made from biodegradable corn resin. It's a small thing but it keeps that same amount of plastic from going into a landfill. If you want to do something fun and easy to help the world be a little better place--park your car and start riding your bike more. In fact, you can join a growing movement of like-minded bike commuters by pledging miles and joining Team Wonderbike at, brought to you by your friends at New Belgium Brewing.

"By helping individuals, government, and industry ascertain and manage their GHG inventories, identify emissions reduction opportunities, install renewable generation capacity and communicate the benefits of their environmental initiatives, Teton Power seeks to raise awareness, effect positive environmental change, and increase the value of our customers operations." Teton Power provided the auditing services that determined the Alpinist Film Festival's carbon footprint. That audit can be read in detail by clicking here.