The 2007 Alpinist Film Festival

The third annual Festival was a resounding success, selling out days in advance and helping kick off downtown Jackson Hole's new $36 million Center for the Arts. In addition to showcasing and premiering some of the world's best adventure films, the three-day event helped raise over $6,000 for Jackson, Wyoming's 1 Percent for the Tetons.

2007 Press Archives

2007 Featured Non-Profit: 1 Percent for the Tetons

The 2007 Alpinist Film Festival Highlights
Dates: March 15-17
Venue: Center for the Arts, Jackson, Wyoming
Attendance: Over 1,500

Featured Speakers
Snow: Mark Newcomb
Surf: Gerry Lopez
Stone: Dean Potter

People's Choice Award Winners:
Snow: The Line, Brendan Kiernan and Rattlecan Productions
Surf: Chasing Dora, Wes Brown and T.J. Barrack
Stone: The Aerialist, Brad Lynch and Many Monkeys Productions
Grand Prize Award Winner: Chasing Dora, Wes Brown and T.J. Barrack

The 2007 Alpinist Film Festival Lineup


In Doug�s Words
United States/2006/6 minutes
Director: High Ground Productions

In January 2006 ski mountaineering great Doug Coombs rapped from the rafters of the Walk Festival hall before a capacity crowd of 1,000 to kick off The 2006 Festival. The moment was an unparalleled celebration of Coombs' exuberance and charisma--and sadly, the last time many Valley residents were able to see Coombs, who, less than three months later, died in la Grave, France, while skiing to the assistance of a partner. This interview captures Coombs' thoughts on skiing two weeks before the accident--an incredibly poignant and powerful moment with one of Jackson Hole's greatest pioneers.

A Tribute to Doug Coombs
United States/2004/5 minutes
Director: Teton Gravity Research

Coombs' adventures in Jackson, Valdez and the Alps have inspired skiers around the world for nearly two decades. This tribute, by the Valley film company Teton Gravity Research, showcases the elegance and mastery that made Coombs a legend. Presented in person by Teton Gravity Research.

United States/2007/9 minutes
Director: David Gonzales

For more than ten years, a tiny Jackson Hole ski company, Igneous, has been quietly making the worlds lightest, fattest, fastest--and many believe best--backcountry skis. Local cinematographer David Gonzales captures Mike Paris and Adam Sherman in The Factory and the Teton Backcountry as they follow their dreams for the perfect ski. World Premiere. Presented in person by David Gonzales.

The Line
United States/2006/55 minutes
Director: Brendan Kiernan/Rattlecan Productions

The Line follows Jackson, Wyoming, ski legend Mark Newcomb as he embarks from his home in the Tetons to ski a new route on the 8013-meter Himalayan giant Shishapangma. A poignant and personal look at the adventure lifestyle as lived by one of Jackson's most successful and thought-provoking athletes. Presented in person by Mark Newcomb.

Legends of the Fall Line
United States/2007/38 minutes
Director: Derek Weiss/Piton Productions

The Tetons have been an epicenter of North American skiing and ski mountaineering for nearly 100 years. Legends of the Fall Line follows the history, the pioneers and the legends from the early days of skiing the pass to the first descent of the Grand Teton. Presented in person by Derek Weiss.

United States/2006/5 minutes
Director: Teton Gravity Research

Until recently, the lines in the Jackson Hole backcountry that ended in precipitous cliffs kept some of America's boldest terrain untracked. Welcome to the future: Eric Rober's historic descent of the northeast face of Cody Peak--complete with BASE jump finale.

Town Down
United States/2007/10 minutes
Director: Chris Kitchen and Sam Pope/KGB Productions

For twenty-five years, Jackson's Town Downhill on Snow King Mountain has been the ultimate local's race, attracting everyone from Lycra-clad speed addicts to seventy-five-year-old doctors to Olympic gold medalists. Without community, however, the "Mini-Hahnenkamm" wouldn't exist. World premiere. Presented in person by Sam Pope.

Poor Man�s Helicopter
United States/2006/5 minutes
Director: Darrell Miller/Storm Show Studios
Short a heli lift to the top of the Tetons? One local cinematographer devised an ingenious and economical solution: paraglide. Follow the vertiginous action as he swoops into score some of the best lines in the Jackson Hole backcountry--on the world's most environmentally friendly ride. Presented in person by Darrell Miller.

The Jesus Jump
United States/2006/3 minutes
Director: Teton Gravity Research

Two hundred thirty-five feet is a long time to consider your faith. For Jamie Pierre's world-record cliff huck, belief became a matter of following his head.


Chasing Dora
Country: USA/2006/55 minutes
Director: Wes Brown and T.J. Barrack

When surf legend Miki Dora wrote the article "The Aquatic Ape" for The Surfers Journal, he laid down the rules for a "pure" surf competition: participants had to create their own boards (single fin only) and could use no wetsuits, no leashes, no logos. There were to be no judges, and the furthest and longest ride would win. Mickey Munoz, who presented last year's Surf Night for The Alpinist Film Festival, Endless Summer II star Robert "Wingnut" Weaver and shaper Marc Andreini take Dora up on his challenge--"the last chance to retrieve the lost soul of surfing." Directed by Wes Brown, grandson of Endless Summer director Bruce Brown and son of Endless Summer II director Dana Brown.

Sipping Jetstreams
United States/2006/32 minutes
Directors: Taylor Steele and Dustin Humphrey

From the markets and souks of Marrakech to the blues of Barbados, from Japan to Cuba, Italy, Hong Kong, and Egypt, Sipping Jetstreams is a photographic journey of discovery and adventure. This two-year odyssey focuses not just on the surfing but the places and the faces of each destination. One of the most beautiful, sensual surf films ever made.

Get Up, Stand Up
United States/2006/6 minutes
Director: David Gonzales/Thesnaz Productions

Lunch Counter Rock in the Snake River might not seem like a world-class surf destination, but to the landlocked locals of Jackson, Wyoming, it not only provides the perfect fix; its five- to ten-minute rides can serve up more surf in one session than a week on the ocean. World premiere.

Pipeline Masters
United States/2006/70 minutes
Director: Stacy Peralta

Pipeline Masters is the remarkable story of the groundbreaking surfing competition that has, since its inception in 1971, become the sport's most popular, prestigious competitive event. Held in the fearsome tubes of Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline, the Masters has seen year after year of outrageous rides, bone-crushing wipeouts, nail-biting competition and the some of the most deadly, hairy, out-of-control waves ever seen. Pipeline Masters captures it all: the history, the action, the legends and the soul of the greatest surfing event ever. Presented in person by Mr. Pipeline, Gerry Lopez.


Set in Stone
United Kingdom/2005/32 minutes
Director: Alastair Lee and David Halsted

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Dave Birkett follows his passion for traditional climbing in England's Lake District. Filmed using innovative techniques, Set in Stone is a beautiful, humorous and gripping tribute to Birkett, arguably the world's best traditional climber, whose quiet grace and understated humility stands in stark contrast to some of the better known stars of climbing. Winner, Best Climbing Film and People's Choice awards, 2006 Kendal Mountain Film Festival. US premier.

Climbing Efficient
United States/2007/13 minutes
Director: Chris Alstrin/Higher Ground Productions

To adventure rock climbers, no area presents quite the same combination of intimidation and wild challenge as the precipitous walls of Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison. To climb well here requires a level of expertise and efficiency that only the best can muster. This excerpt from the upcoming new film Higher Ground features longtime climbing partners Josh Wharton and Phil Gruber as they apply their prodigious skills to the 2,000-foot trad route Free Nose (VI 5.12c). World Premiere. Presented in person by Chris Alstrin.

Benedictus/When I Paint My Masterpiece
United States/2005/23 minutes
Directors: Jennifer Tennican & William Clack

Tom Callaghan's desire to establish a new route on New Hampshire's Cannon Cliff goes beyond mere interest. As his objective becomes a fourteen-year obsession, it pulls in more and more of his friends, inspiring the observation that climbs aren't dangerous; people are. Presented in person by Jennnifer Tennican.

Touching My Self
United Kingdom/2004/11 minutes
Directors: Alastair Lee and David Halsted

The Alps of France is place where the crags are battlegrounds, where hydration means bringing your own beverages and where you need a crispy baguette to survive. Adventure and awe are replaced with laugher and lunacy in this hilarious sendup of the climbing film Touching the Void. Finally, a climbing film that skewers the modern climbing ethic. Double award winner at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2005.

Cerro Torre: El Arca de los Vientos
Italy/2006/20 minutes (with English subtitles)
Director: Ermanno Salvaterra

In 1959, Italian Cesare Maestri returned to Italy without his partner, Toni Egger, and with an audacious claim: he had made the first ascent of Cerro Torre via its incredible north face, and Egger had died on the descent. For the next forty-five years, the best alpinists in the world attempted to repeat Maestri's route without success. In 2006, two of the greatest Patagonia specialists of all time, Ermanno Salvaterra and Exum mountain guide Rolo Garibotti, accompanied by Alessandro Beltrami, finally completed the route--and put an end to one of the greatest myths in climbing history. This is their story. US premier.

United States/2007/22 minutes
Director: Brad Lynch/Many Monkeys Productions

Since childhood, Dean Potter has been obsessed with being attached to the world by as little as possible. He began his journey as a free soloist on rock, but his refusal to be confined has led him into the realms of highlining and base jumping. Possessed by the idea that anything is possible, Potter maniacally pursues the most natural yet bizarre dream of man: to fly. World premier. Presented in person by Dean Potter.