2006 Barry Corbet Film Festival

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2006 Featured Non-Profit: The Central Asia Institute

The 2006 Barry Corbet Film Festival Highlights
Dates: January 19-21, 2006
Venue: Walk Festival Hall, Teton Village, Wyoming
Attendance: Nearly 3,000

Featured Speakers:
Snow: Doug Coombs
Surf: Mickey Munoz
Stone: Yvon Chouinard

People's Choice Award Winners:
Snow: Someday Somebody Will Ski That, Peter Pilafian, Leslie Goodyear and Horizon Pictures
Surf: Second Thoughts, Timmy Turner
Stone: The Obscurist, Peter Mortimer and Sender Films
Grand Prize Award Winner: The Obscurist, Peter Mortimer and Sender Films

The 2006 Barry Corbet Film Festival Lineup


The DC Express
United States/2000/3 minutes
Director: Mike Hatcher
Producer: TGR

Doug Coombs put big-mountain skiing on the American map, pioneering more than 260 first descents in the Chugach alone as he established the heli-skiing mecca of Valdez, Alaska. We introduce our MC for the evening appropriately, as we showcase his biggest contribution to the world of skiing: inspiration.

Why He Skied
United States/2005/45 minutes
Director: Per Saari

World premiere! Exum Mountain Guide Hans Saari was a Jackson Hole fixture, both for his ski mountaineering and his charisma. In 2001, while attempting to ski the Gervasutti Couloir on Mt. Blanc, he slipped and fell to his death. This film, by his brother Per, attempts to explain why Hans chose to ski in spite of the risks, and chronicles a brotherís search for peace in the aftermath of his loss.

Soul Pilot
Switzerland/2003/13 minutes
Director: Dominique Perret
Producer: Dominique Perret/Vertical Zoo

What happens when a skier from the Alps finds himself transported to North America's greatest ski mountains? Why, tomato-red one-piece suits, flamboyant antics with a ski plane and a Eurotrash soundtrack, of course. Soul Pilot features Dominique Perret, voted "Best Freeride Skier of the Century" at the 2000 Board Awards in Paris, as he goes in search of the wildest turns on the planet.

Someday Somebody Will Ski That
United States/2006/9 minutes
Director: Peter Pilafian/Horizon Pictures
Producer: Leslie Goodyear & Peter Pilafian

World premiere! In 1963, mountaineer, cinematographer and skier Barry Corbet was touring Rendezvous Mountain with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort founder Paul McCollister. Corbet pointed to the chute that would one day bear his name. Someday, he indicated, somebody would ski it; McCollister was skeptical. The rest is history. A tribute to a visionary, and to the history of the most famous ski run in North America.

The Otterbody Experience
United States/2004/28 minutes
Director: Andrew Chapman
Producer: Wink Inc.

World premiere! The Tetons are the best ski-mountaineering venue in the Lower 48, and the Grand Teton is the most coveted ski descent in the range. The Otterbody Experience captures the riveting adventure of skiing American premier's tick.


A Brief History of Surfing
United States/2004/2 minutes

This leadoff short is surfing's answer to "A Brief History of Time." Everything you needed to know about surfing, in two minutes or less!

Locals Only
United States/2004/23 minutes
Director: Lorraine Aromando
Producer: David Salowe

Localism--the unspoken "rights" a surfer has to a surf spot--is a phenomenon surfers know too well. This shocking documentary combines interviews with ripping footage as it chronicles the struggle of a user group to stake out their claims to a finite natural resource--sometimes with dramatic results.

All Aboard the Crazy Train
United States/2005/52 minutes
Directors: Don King and Sonny Miller
Producer: Jane Kachmer

As seen in their filmmaking of such documentaries as Riding Giants and Step Into Liquid, BamMan Films captures tow-in pioneers Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Darrick Doerner and others in never-before-seen footage as they ride some of the best big waves on the planet at Maui's Peahi (Jaws) during the historic winter of 2004-2005. Winner, Best Short Film Documentary, 2005 Maui Film Festival.

Germany/2003/26 minutes
Producer: Helliventures
Director: Bill Heath

In the Amazon Basin, when the dry season draws to a close and the full moon sets in the west, a great roar is heard. It is the "pororoca," a tidal bore up to four meters high that travels up the Amazon River. Locals fear it, for its tears the trees from the banks of the river and swallows anyone in its path. But for four world-class surfers, it becomes a quest for the most exotic, adventurous and longest surfing experiences on our planet.

Second Thoughts
United States/2004/39 minutes
Director/Producer: Timmy Turner

For three young surfers, a secluded Indonesian island serves as a coming-of-age journey as they seek out some of the best barrels ever filmed. This poignant film--voted "2004 Video of the Year" at the Surfer Poll & Video Awards--offers an inspirational vision of the deeper side of surfing.


Odwrot ("Retreat")
Poland/1968/19 minutes
Director: Jerzy Surdel

Odwrot (Polish: "Retreat") follows a climber's desperate struggle to find help for his injured partner. This film's journey to the Barry Corbet Film Festival is as interesting as the dramatic voyage it chronicles! Winner, Grand Prize, 2004 Banff Mountain Film Festival.

My First Everest Expedition
Great Britain/2005/4 minutes
Producer: Mary Woodbridge
Director: Mary Woodbridge

World Premiere! At the very periphery of climbing exists a rarified boundary of the possible that few dare to explore. One of them is Mary Woodbridge from Great Britain, who, at age 85, and accompanied by her dachshund, Daisy, will embark on a new route in a single push to the apex of the world. Alpinist is proud to support her in her singular, and hilarious, quest.

Sur le Fil des 4000 ("Walking the Line of the 4000ers")
France/2004/50 minutes
Director: Gilles Chappaz
Producer: Migoo Productions

On March 1, 2004, Patrick Berhault and Philippe Magnin set out to climb all eighty-two summits above 4000 meters in the Alps. On April 28, as they made their way toward the 67th summit in their journey, Berhault perished in a fall. A film about life, beauty, and death in the mountains. Winner, Grand Prize, 2005 Banff Film Festival.

The Obscurist
USA/2006/10 minutes
Director: Peter Mortimer
Producer: Sender Films

World premiere! The obtuse art form of offwidth crack climbing is the neglected orphan of the climbing family tree. Fitting, then, that eccentric Yosemite hardman Cedar Wright chooses it as his personal mission. This short segment from the upcoming Sender Films release features the agony and ecstasy of one man's quest to send the best undiscovered upside-down offwidth roof crack in the Valley. Presented in person by Peter Mortimer.

Mountain of Storms
USA/1968/52 minutes
Director/Producer: Doug Thompkins/Yvon Chouinard

The journey that started an American subculture. In 1968, five friends--Yvon Chouinard, Doug Thompkins, Chris Jones, Lito Tejeda Flores and Dick Dorworth--left Ventura, California in a Ford Econoline van. Three and a half months and 16,500 miles later, they arrived at their destination: Patagonia. Their first ascent of Fitz Roy's Southwest Buttress--the so-called "Californian Route"--was not the only upshot of the trip: Thompkins went on to found Esprit and The North Face, and Chouinard founded Patagonia, providing inspiration for the generations of Fun Hogs who would follow in their footsteps. Winner, Best Film, 1972 Trento Film Festival. Presented in person by Yvon Chouinard.