Carl Battreall: A Collection of Climbed and Unclimbed Alaska Peaks

Posted on: March 2, 2015

A few weeks ago, photographer and speaker Carl Battreall from Anchorage, Alaska, contacted us to see if we'd be interested in posting images from his Alaska Range collection. To carry on the Unclimbed theme from our latest issue, Alpinist 49, we requested that he also include images from walls that remain unclimbed in his submission. He obliged.

We welcome you to browse through Battreall's images in the following pages. When possible, we added links to notable ascents of the peaks by our contributors. If you'd like to see more work from Battreall, feel free to follow him on Facebook, on Instagram and read his book, The Alaska Range, scheduled to release in spring 2016.

—Chris Van Leuven

Southwest face of The Angel (9,265'), Revelation Mountains, taken in June 2006. The Angel was first climbed in 1985 by Greg Collins and Tom Walter. The southwest face has not been climbed. The dominate coulior that splits the southwest face was descended in the dark by Clint Helander and Ben Trocki after making the second ascent of the mountain via the South Ridge in 2013. [Read more about The Angel here—Ed.] [Photo] Carl Battreall

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I appreciate the time and effort taken to document some of our lovely unclimbed prizes up here. However there are couple things folks should be aware of, perhaps others have already made these comments but I will shoot since I am taking a look at this for the first time. First, the NW Ridge of Moffit has been climbed, many times, perhaps we are talking about another route not so far away. Second, the West Ridge of Citadel is not quite the drooler that it appears in the photo, the entire lower buttress can be bypassed on the right. Third, I have heard multiple rumors of the western half of the North face of deborah having seen an ascent. Fourth, death seracs await all who attempt a direct ascent from the Gillam glacier on Deborah, the lower third of the North face is a shooting gallery, not a route. Same could be said of the West Face of Hunter. Have fun out there folks but don't launch without doing some of your own recon! The mountains of remote AK are unforgiving to the inexperienced and overenthusiastic.

2015-04-07 03:17:17
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