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Matt Van Biene: Chalten Portraits


Phil Magistro: Phil's goal when arriving in Patagonia this season was to climb Fitz Roy. A seasoned outdoor educator, Phil has recently thrown himself into climbing, and I've seen him throughout the year in familiar locales like Yosemite and Indian Creek. Phil is relatively new to alpinism, and when he got his chance to climb on the North Pillar of Fitz Roy he took it and successfully made it to the top of the route. Content with the mission, Phil occupied himself in town with keeping morale high and enjoying the finer things that Chalten has to offer like tango lessons and tasty ice cream.

[Photo] Matt Van Biene

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Looks like it got fixed now.

2015-03-20 22:59:55

Actually I believe the whole text for Cody and Phil got swapped. Or the photos got swapped. One or the other.

2015-03-19 11:33:09

I believe that the names have been switched for Cody Scarpella and Phil Magistro photos. The text looks correct, just the names need to be swapped.

2015-03-18 20:43:49
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