Mike Dewey: The Art of Observation


[Painting] Mike Dewey

I did a series of paintings made on playing cards. I spent hours by Tenaya Lake painting with little brushes that have something like five hairs on them. I made this portrait of Zack Smith just after we had rapped into the top of Freerider (VI 5.12d) to work some of the pitches. I've climbed El Cap a number of times and never had a problem with the exposure, but going from flat ground to 3,000 feet of exposure all in one second as you rap over the edge turned out to be way scarier than I was expecting. I don't know if Zack was gripped too, or just empathizing with me, but this is the look he shot me when he clipped into the Mini Traxion that was looking oh-so-small at the time.

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