Alpine Exposures: A Photo Gallery


But my work is also a product of those that I've climbed with. I owe all the images in this book to those that I've met...and shared a rope with along the way. This book isn't just my work. They are my photos, but a photo of a climber on the North Face of the Jorasses is just a collaboration—he or she had to get there as well. There are a handful of climbers who I really owe a huge gratitude to. There have been pivotal partners in my time with whom I've steered towards a certain style of climbing or a certain style of photography and for them I am eternally grateful. My photography is constantly evolving and is a direct result of the alpine partnerships that I've had in the past and will have in the future. There is a reason why every climber is named in the caption in this book.

[Photo] Jon Griffith
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