Web - Winter 2014


Posted on: February 14, 2014

[Photo] Zalka

Trollryggen (1740m), not to summit

First true calendar winter ascent of Suser Gjennom Harryland on Norway's celebrated Trollveggen or Troll Wall by Tormod Granheim and Aleksander Gamme (Norway), and Andy Kirkpatrick (UK). Eighteen pitches up to A3 were climbed in capsule style (12 days), on left side of the wall to the junction with the east ridge at half-height, from where they descended.


Senja Island

On a small peak situated on the island of Senja in northern Norway, Bent Vidar Eilertsen and Ines Papert established the 400m Finnmannen (M9+ WI7) in a 19-hour push after an approach by kayak.

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