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The Pursuit: Norway Ice Climbing

Posted on: April 1, 2013

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Aaron Mulkey has debuted a trailer for his forthcoming movie about ice climbing in Norway. "The Pursuit," edited by Mulkey and filmed by him and his partners, chronicles two trips to the land of the midnight sun. "The movie is very much self shot," says Mulkey, "I wanted to keep the sense of adventure in the film." The team experienced poor weather and travel mishaps. Finishing the film—or even getting to ice climb—seemed unlikely. "Creating the movie wasn't always the plan but after two trips and lots of great stories it seemed the movie was just going to make sense to deliver our story." —Jacon Mayer

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Why do you always have to be putting everyone down Schooner, not enough to do in TromsŲ these days? If my memory serves me correctly Mulkey, Craig, and Berwanger put up a hard new mixed line on Veslehorn Mountain last year, a line locals had tried before but hadn't completed. Pretty awesome in my opinion, I'm psyched to check out their movie.

2013-04-14 09:06:48

analogsoul - yes we do.

2013-04-02 02:52:30

analogsoul - Yes we do.

2013-04-02 02:52:14

Cool. Some more second first ascents in Norway.

2013-04-01 22:18:28

"filmed by he and his partners"? Eh? Don't you mean 'by him and his partners'?

2013-03-31 22:03:33
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