Newsflash: Russian Dies Attempting New Route on Everest

Posted on: May 15, 2013

Newsflash: The following news flash is a preliminary report posted as a service to our readers. Alpinist has not confirmed the veracity of its contents but will post a story in detail when more information becomes available.—Ed.

This morning, news reached Base Camp that Alexy Bolotov, the rope partner of Denis Urubko, died in an accident at 5600m on Everest. "The incident is confirmed," Beni Maiya Hyoju of Cho Oyu Trekking told "But still little is known about the dynamics. It took place at about 5600 meters above sea level, just above the Icefall. Maybe a fall into a crevasse."

Bolotov and Urubko planned to climb a new route in alpine style on the southwest aspect, between the Southwest Face route (Haston-Scott-Boardman-Pertemba-Burke, 1975) and the South Pillar (Czok-Kukuczka, 1980).

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In reference to dcqec111's comment:

The elevation of a route is not an all-encompassing reflection of it's technical difficulty. I'm sure there is terrain at 3000 meters that could terrify you into a series of rappels. To comment about the "respectability" of the circumstances of a man's death before the full report has been released, even while complementing him as a climber, is ignorant.

2013-06-01 21:42:59

Dieing at this altitude is a shame,especially for such an accomplished climber.If I had to die, I would prefer at least the eight thousand metre mark.

2013-05-21 18:10:16
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