Slildeshow: Wiping El Cap's Nose

Posted on: November 15, 2013

[Photo] Cheyne Lempe

Alpinist photo contributor Dave Campbell and Yosemite climbing ranger Ben Doyle recently rappelled the upper reaches of El Capitan (along with Cheyne Lempe, who took photos) to conduct a traditional "Nose Wipe." Beginning with YOSAR member Lincoln Else a decade ago, climbers have periodically hauled out loads of trash and tat from the accumulation on the ever-popular Nose route. This year, Campbell says, they collected 25 pounds of garbage from the bivy ledge at Camp 6 and around 95 pounds of tattered rope. They estimate that 500 pounds of garbage remain on the Nose alone.

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Climbing for Freedom Benny!

2013-11-18 10:09:39
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