K7 West in Alpine Style

Posted on: September 26, 2011

News Flash: The following news flash is a preliminary report posted as a service to our readers. Alpinist has not confirmed the veracity of its contents but will post a story in detail when more information becomes available.—Ed.

Slovenians David Debeljak, Nejc Marcic, Urban Novak and Luka Strazar returned Saturday from the Charakusa Valley in Pakistan's Karakorum, having completed an alpine-style ascent of K7 West (6858m). Dreamers of Golden Caves (VI M5 A2, 1600m) took the climbers four days, camp-to-camp.

Vince Anderson, Steve House and Marko Prezelj made the first ascent of the peak in 2007. Read more in the September 4 and September 10, 2007 NewsWires.

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Maybe Matevz and I can watch for significant Slovenian climbs and mail to you translations? Of course free of charge! :-)

2011-09-26 23:01:57
Gwen Cameron

Thank you Zoran and Matevz for help with translations. We have Spanish, German, Russian and French speakers on staff, but no Slovenian!

2011-09-26 19:32:54

And this is the route: pzs.si/javno/mediji/Alp.odprava_Charakusa2011-Nova%20smer,%20Sanjaci_zlatih%20jam-foto_arhiv_odprave_res.jpg

2011-09-26 16:42:52

Also the name of the new route is Dreamers of Golden caves.

2011-09-26 16:31:24

Sorry for pointing this out ... Google translate gives you translation of the name LUKA STRAZAR, to Port Sentry.

Expedition leader was Urban Novak (Mountaineering Club Kamnik Solovenia) and members David Debeljak (Rašica Mountaineering Club), Luka Strazar (Academic Mountaineering Club) and Nejc Marčič (Mountaineering Club Radovljica).

2011-09-26 05:37:15
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