Lacelle Dead

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Guy Lacelle, the world's most prolific and well-regarded ice climber, died this morning in Hyalite Canyon, just outside Bozeman, Montana.

Lacelle and climbing partner were in a gully between climbs, about four miles from Grotto Falls, when an avalanche struck. The snow carried Lacelle down two pitches of waterfall ice.

His climbing partner sustained a minor injury. Two others witnessed the avalanche from safe ground.


"[Lacelle] loves climbing and he loves sharing the sport with other people," John Irvine, Arc'teryx sports marketing manager, said to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. "That's what his life was all about."

Alpinist has posted a video tribute to Guy Lacelle in the December 23, 2009 Feature.

Sources: Bozeman Ice Festival organizer,

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David Burger

There are no words to cover the loss of light in a dark world. Yes, Guy was an extraordinary climber (ice and rock), yet that only covers a small part of a man who set evolving standards for us all . . . as a friend, a humorist, an ecologist, a husband, as a human being. Let us all move through the grieving process slowly and completely so that we end up inspired to live life fully and completely for ourselves and our ecosystems.

Thank you Guy for loving me and letting me love you!

2010-02-09 02:42:09

I remember belaying Guy up the Scepter in Hyalite Canyon two years ago. I remember him pulling a dino to a lip of overhanging icicles. He paused, turned to me with a grin on his face, and said almost giddily, "Sometimes you just have to go for it!" Upon further reflection after Guy's passing I realized that everything I came to love about climbing was embodied in him. He was not only a legend, he was man of great strength and integrity. He was the best of us. After the sorrow fades away Guy will live on in memory and bring smiles to the faces of his friends. His stories will be told as an etherial lore around camp fires and rounds of whiskey (though he never indulged). He was a 10ft rope cowboy, a full curl mountain sheep, and he just went for it.


2010-02-07 05:54:13

Because It was there. God if he is out there bless you. I leaned a lot.. you gave alot. Paying the ultimate price at what was Loved. To be Remembered always. An icon of the ice.

2009-12-14 09:55:20

What to say. Remarkable climber. Wish I could have known the man behind it. Stark reminder that danger isn't found in the technical difficulties and that any moment in the mountains could be our last. Boy voyage Guy.

2009-12-11 02:10:12
em knot

No! In this year of great loss, yet another great one leaves us. Guy was, and is, an inspiration. May he rest in peace in crystal beauty of ice.

2009-12-11 01:45:27

Horrible news, he was one of the greatest. :(

RIP Guy, we have lost another legend.

2009-12-10 11:25:37
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