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Sweetspots #17: BASE Jumping in Eikesdalen, Norway

Posted on: July 14, 2008

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Film by: Plastikk Media
Website: Nike ACG Sweetspots

BASE jumper Andre Bach makes gymnastics-inspired jumps in the mountains of Eikesdalen, Norway.

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These are great jumps to watch, good stuff on all levels. Even the high-pulling isn't too bad, I suppose.

However, as a point of historical reference this is certainly not the first BASE participant to bring high-level gymnastics experience to the sport. Two I know of myself are Jeb Corliss and Dwain Weston. Dwain, in particular, popularized non-trivial aerials in BASE nearly a decade ago - moving well past the standards of gainers and flying fronts into multi-rotation complexities, and including inward and outward handstand exits from many technical objects. Trained as a platform diver, Dwain's top-end jumps opened many eyes and Jeb, who I believe also invested ample training time to develop his own gymnastic skills, continued and expanded many of these aerial jumps.

There are, clearly, several other jumpers who were pushing those boundaries back years ago - not to say Dwain and Jeb were the only two. Still, I well remember being nagged by Dwain to keep my toes pointed and LEGS TOGETHER when executing my early aerial jumps - after training from dive platforms at the pool. He was never satisfied with sloppy, amateurish aerials and expected the same type of crisp, tight performances he'd been coached to deliver as a competitive platform diver himself. I would like to think he'd be glad to see folks even more highly-trained than he was, in gymnastics, continuing to expand that tradition of top-end aerials in BASE.


D-d0g BASE 715 ds@wrinko.net

2008-07-24 01:16:51
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