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Sweetspots #16: Climbing in Yangshuo, China

Posted on: July 7, 2008

Film by: Big Up
Website: Nike ACG Sweetspots

French climbers Axel Ballay and Michael Fuselier climb new routes on the limestone pillars of Yangshuo, Southern China.

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Kinda sounds like Pearson went off half-cocked...the french guy says he didn't drill the pocket outright, but that he just used the drill to clean sharp debris out of an existing pocket, which is probably why it isn't really an issue.

2008-07-11 19:59:13
Big Down

2008-07-11 13:55:17
Big Down

R.E. Sweet Spot 16 Yangshuo China... beautiful video, beautiful area...Too Bad that American Gangster was chipped...too bad that Big Up knows it was chipped and isn't making an issue of it check out James Pearson's on this subject!

2008-07-11 13:54:00
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