More Whips and Snakes Than an Indiana Jones Movie

Posted on: June 18, 2008

We headed to Sinks Canyon outside of Lander, Wyoming last weekend for some bolt clippin' and beer drinkin'. What I found was more whips and snakes than an Indiana Jones movie.


Halfway up a dihedral, Kati stood to clip a bolt and came face to face with a baby rattlesnake, shaking its rattle like a Polaroid picture. She bailed on the climb and lowered down, noting "Tiny Angry Killer Rattlesnake" among the objective hazards in her topo. There's still a quickdraw hanging on that climb, but to any pirate in search of booty: bring yer snake harpoon.

Group rope gun and snake charmer Brandon climbed hard over the weekend, even while wearing a silly hat. He sent more than a few 5.12's, including Killer (5.12c), a Sinks classic. It was fun climbing with Brandon because it allowed me the opportunity to impress the locals with some top rope flailing. He also suggested some challenging leads so I could enjoy my fair share of sinus clearing whippers.

I was sitting in the shade on Sunday, kneading the lactic acid out of my forearms, when along came a snake. The following video needs no explanation. Except, perhaps, that Brandon is crazy.

I would like to put forth the motion that we rename the climbing area. "Snakes Canyon", anyone?

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