Karl Unterkircher Suffers Serious Accident on Nanga Parbat

Posted on: July 16, 2008

Karl Unterkircher, a member of the Italian team that recently established a new route on Chongra Peak (22,402'), Pakistan (read the July 10, 2008 NewsWire), has suffered an extremely serious fall on Nanga Parbat (26,660'). The team of three climbers, comprised of Unterkircher, Simon Kehrer and Walter Nones, were attempting a new route on the Rakhiot Face of the mountain. Kehrer contacted base camp via satellite phone to inform them that Unterkircher had fallen—an accident that has been confirmed by his manager, Herbert Mussner.

"Walter Nones and Simon Kehrer had to continue their ascent of Nanga Parbat as it was impossible for them to return via the same route," Mussner stated.


It is unclear precisely what Unterkircher's condition is at the present, but the Italian team has not expressed optimism in regards to performing a rescue. More information will be posted on Alpinist.com as it becomes available.

Sources: Herbert Mussner, www.desnivel.com, www.intraisass.it

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Good new from Nanga. The climbers are progressing and they should be coming down the Diamir side tomorrow. They have been on contact with BC via a sat phone that was dropped to them from a helicopter along with other equipment and food.

2008-07-20 16:07:36

According to my sources some help has reached Walter and Simon at appx 6800 m via a helicopter drop. My understanding is that the two climbers has to move up to appx 7000 m in order to be able to traverse off Nanga’s Rakhiot face and then go down. Lets hope the guys are strong and lets pray for a safe decent.

2008-07-19 13:14:21

I think its accepted that Karl is lost. RIP Karl. A huge rescue operation is on for the two friends Walter and Simon. Lets hope they can come off the mountain sound and safe.

2008-07-18 15:45:08
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