Omega Pacific Releases Second Link Cam Inspection Notice

Posted on: June 17, 2008

On June 11, Omega Pacific issued a notice for Link Cam owners to inspect the axle nuts on their #1 and #2 Link Cams for a potential defect. Though no injuries have occurred as a result of the issue, the company has stated they will repair and replace defective units. This is the second inspection notice Omega Pacific has released for Link Cams in the past year. [Photo]

On June 11, Omega Pacific issued a notice for Link Cam owners to inspect their #1 and #2 Link Cams for a potential defect in which "axle nuts were not properly and permanently fixed on the axle assemblies permitting the cams to potentially become disassembled." Although the recently discovered issue is estimated to be "extremely rare and not considered widespread," Omega Pacific has become aware that some Link Cams do not meet manufacturer's specifications.

This Link Cam inspection notice is the second issued by the equipment company since last year. On June 17, 2007, Omega Pacific recalled certain cams that displayed two potentially dangerous problems, defective rivets and fissures in the steel linkage of the cam lobes. The rivet problem led to cams becoming "disassembled after use in the field," but surprisingly, after destruct testing the cams with fissures, Omega Pacific noted that overall strength was not compromised.


In both inspection notices Omega Pacific stated, "It should be noted that no accident occurred nor any injuries suffered as a result of this incident."

Omega Pacific has stated they "will repair or replace [defective cams] as necessary... Should we become aware that this is a larger problem, we will respond accordingly."

For more information, and to read the inspection notices from this year and last, please visit Omega Pacific's website.


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