Beka Brakai Chhok: Claimed by Italians

Posted on: August 8, 2008

[Photo] Simone Moro

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Italian climbers Simone Moro and Herve Barmasse have made the first ascent of Beka Brakai Chhok (6940m), Karakoram, Pakistan. Though several attempts have been made on the peak, this is the first successful ascent of the mountain. The team made their climb without the use of high camps, and in less than forty-eight hours. will publish a full story as more detailed information becomes available.

Sources: Simone Moro,

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I think Michi's post is on wrong thread?! Can it be moved?


2008-08-08 19:13:52

Come on... what a shitty comment! I was one of the guys who weren't injured. You are writing such an comment out of no facts!!! At least Armin the injured had a broken leg, he felt down a 20m drop and was laying there 300m under the Camp 3, we tried to get him up but there was no possibility. How should we, 2 Persons carry a person with fuckin pain carry up first 20m overhanging drop and then 300m 50-60° step wall, this could be possible but it would be hard! But the reason why it wasn't possible was, the whole wall was in a very big danger to get new avalanche down.

If you are able to do this you will be my big hero! I wasn't.

I think you should have more respect of him, he was laying there 48h with a threetimes broken leg without painkillers, he was crying the whole time.

So take care what you are saying!


2008-08-08 14:09:33

Account of the most recent attempt in June, by Pat Deavoll and Malcolm Bass at:


2008-08-08 10:32:30
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