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Kong Frog: Advancement in Quickdraw Technology or Just A Small Stick Clip?

Posted on: May 1, 2008

When I saw an ad for the new Kong Frog quickdraw, I couldn't help but laugh. It looks like a glorified mini-stick clip. When I read the propaganda and the price ($29.95 each!), it seems even more ridiculous.

"FROG makes obsolete the traditional concept of a carabiner thought as a 'hook'. The insertion is extraordinarily quick and safe even in 'far' anchor points, not easy to be reached with standard connectors." - from



"Another Kong innovation, this revolutionary connector makes hard clips quick and easy. The upper connector employs a self closing mechanism, eliminating the necessity to clip two carabiners. The Frog saves you time and more importantly precious energy when things get steep or strenuous." - from

Is it really more helpful to shove a connector at a bolt instead of clipping a carabiner? This seems very dangerous to fall on. You should never load a carabiner gate and that is exactly what would happen if you fell. I'm sure that extra inch of reach would be outweighed by how untrustworthy this whole set up is. Also, at 125 grams each, nearly twice the weight of a standard quickdraw, an entire rack of these would drag you down the wall. Strong work. This belongs in the same group as Jamalots and Putty Nutz.

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Sir Edmund Hilarious

I've tried these before, always on the first clip, With a little duct tape they were easier than trying to put together an 'au natural' stick clip. the idea of carrying more than one of these is beyond me.

2010-03-20 12:39:23


A. Where did you get your engineering degree from? obviously CE, UIAA, and the professional engineers poured over the designs and tested it repeatedly before its release. Give em a break.

B. Kong definitely doesn't promote anyone to get a full rack of frogs, they're designed for really hard clips so only one or two per rack.

C. "Also, at 125 grams each, nearly twice the weight of a standard quickdraw". Twice the weight of THE LIGHTEST quickdraw in the world yes. But twice the weight of a standard quickdraw? Absolutely not. One of the most standard quickdraws I see is the blackdiamond quicksilver weighing in at 106 grams.

All in all, give it some real consideration. Also, did you even use the product before you ripped it apart?

2009-10-23 00:51:38

If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

It's a widget, get over it.

2008-05-06 18:12:51

I believe the author is not giving the Frog a fair chance.

Here are Kong's numerous benefits that I see: -anything named after the most dextrous amphibian in the wild will help me clip draws to bolts if my thumb ever gets cut off. I applaud the folks who invented the kong in keeping handicapped climbers in mind. -the marketing campaign is nothing short of pure genius. nothing says "you too can be a badass sport climber so good he can haul twice the weight of normal draws" like a SUPERMANNING FROG!!

please, Pete. don't knock em til you try em!

2008-05-02 17:11:26
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