The American Death Triangle and Other Practical Climbing Techniques

Posted on: March 3, 2008

It frightens me that people are allowed to guide novices and post supposed "safety" videos when they are giving lessons on how to set an American Death Triangle as a toprope anchor. A gem from the video: locking carabiners add redundancy. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, who always carries around 60+ feet of webbing when they crag? I'm glad people are posting comments to warn anyone who might think this is credible.

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^<p^>Actually I believe the whole text for Cody and Phil got swapped. Or the photos got swapped. One or the other. | RB Roofing.

2021-10-07 20:39:41

Same guy has half a dozen videos on the internet and not one is correct. He can't even properly opposite and oppose carabiners. That is no joke. He is guiding little kids.

2008-03-06 14:10:29
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