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Opinion of a Chinese Reader

Posted on: April 10, 2008

I read some articles about the link between Beijing Olympics and Tibet riots. I found this outrage ridiculous. Any person without a deep bias against China would see China’s government stopped the riots only after rioters exerted horrible violence and vandalism.

Innocent Han, Hui, and Tibetan people got killed. Five young girls were burnt to death in a shop. Bank branches, restaurants, shops, vehicles, and buildings were set on fire and looted. The situation got so severe that even the infamous LA riot is nothing compared to the scale of riots in Lhasa. Remind me what the U.S. government did facing the LA riot? Yeah, you are right. It cracked down. And if that's too distant a memory for you, I think you must remember how the French government crushed riots in France several years ago.

No government would allow riots to disturb the social stability and threaten the safety of lives and property. Please don't impose your double standard. Open your eyes and see what really happened in Tibet. How the western media responded to the Tibet riot has disillusioned a lot of young people. Some young people, like myself ten years ago, thought the west must be filled with idealism, democracy, prosperity and fairness. Well, if I have to put one adjective on how western media has reported the riot, the only word I can think of is "prejudice."


China riot police used the maximum restraint in dealing with the disgusting riots and the U.S. media still calls it bloody crackdown of PROTESTERS. In an American dictionary, "rioter" and "protester" are obviously 100-percent interchangeable. Some young men have summarized many reports from the western media. CNN covered portions of a picture and made it look like military vehicles were moving in and people were scared away. The covered part is actually a vivid display of many rioters throwing stones at military vehicles.

Remind me if there's anything ever happening like that in the U.S. Military vehicles were under the siege of rioters without firing back. It's unimaginable. But it happened in China. What kind of restraint do you guys expect? Let China get messed up and the social stability undermined? I do believe lots of westerners secretly root for that with all their biased reports and comments.

Some newspapers pushed bias and smearing to a new level by publishing pictures of Naples police beating demonstrators and indicating they were "Chinese police". Are you kidding me?

On the flip side, this is not necessarily a bad thing for China. It's actually a reminder that some western powers still hold animosity and bias against China, and they won't give China a fair shake. Especially when China is stronger and stronger and some of the western world is very anxious about that development from a strategic competitor's perspective. I guess our people need to discover that. This world is not an ideal one yet. It's still a jungle to some degree. And the western media's performance educated many Chinese people about this cold, hard fact over the past several days.

As to the western media's linking Beijing Olympics to politics, I guess it's a good thing too. As an enthusiastic supporter of Beijing Olympics, I have always hoped that the Olympic games would bridge China with the west and make each other better understood. Animosity won't help. Only cultural exchange and open minds will help. But you know what? If the west doesn't want to give up animosity, so be it. It's no big deal. The Olympics is just a party. It's an option, but not a necessity. The bottom line is that our sovereignty can't be compromised in any form. These two matters should not even be mentioned in the same sentence. We Chinese people have this consensus: the Olympics is nothing compared to our sovereignty and our land. China is big and strong enough to guarantee that.

Seriously, boycott of Olympics, if that ever happens, it will only help China. Chinese people will remember how their party was spoiled and hijacked. It's a free education how other people try to corner you and make you feel bad when you have nothing other than good will. Strangely, I like that scenario more and more now. Some boycotts from western royalties? So what?! We don't like them anyway. They remind me of the Opium War. Without them as VIP guests, I'd feel much better. Please stay away.

You know, I write this letter not really trying to persuade you. I'm a mountaineer and exploration media worker and often read webnews articles. From reading some of the western articles, I already learned that many are anti-China. It would be naive for me to try to change this deep-rooted bias. But I want to voice my strong opposition just so you know that Chinese people are not insensitive to the ridiculous bias against us. We know we need to improve our economic and political systems. But we'll make sure we won't let those foreign interests with a secret agenda influence us, and we won't allow any reforms in price of China sovereignty or national interests. WE'LL PROTECT OUR OWN INTERESTS IN ANY CASE.

A Chinese Reader This website is established to expose the lies and distortions in the western media. The site is maintained by volunteers who are not associated with any government officials. We are not against the western media, but against the lies and fabricated stories in the media. We are not against the western people, but against the prejudice from the western society.

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Jo, unless you've been in China during the cultural revolution, am sorry to say, but you're talking rubbish: "human rights attrocities" and "no improvement in conditions for the average person in the street".

I have been living in China for the last four years and i traveled extensively in the countryside, in the Han regions and in the minorities inhabited regions (Tibet included) during these four years. Are there wrong things going on? For sure! Are there good things going on? For sure! Tell me one place where it isn't the same and I'll hapily move there!

What is wrong with this guy/gal saying that they'll defend their own interest? Aren't all the other countries doing the damn same thing? I can name from the top of my head at least two that do so by relentlessly bombing other countries right now, while giving, at the same time, speeches to others, speeches that should be self-reflective...

Its sad to see how many people can fool themselves about having moral fiber just by adopting fashionable pet-causes.

Having lived half of my life in a country ravaged by it, I have no bias towards communism - if any, my bias is against it and against 'mighty powers' that trample over others at their own will. However, in this case, i find more disheartening idiotic self-righteousness and mantra-like slogans coming from the so called 'developed world'.... A step behind and a better look at the shades of gray would do us all good!

2008-04-17 09:36:11

"WE'LL PROTECT OUR OWN INTERESTS IN ANY CASE." You always have done - what's new? I worked in various countries in Asia for some years including China and personally I saw no improvement in conditions for the average person in the street and the human rights attrocities have continued unabated. China has much to be ashamed about and Tibet is only the tip of the iceberg.

2008-04-17 04:57:57

In response to the author of 'Opinion of a Chinese Reader' blog, he states that many western powers "still hold animosity and bias against China", and that "only cultural exchange and open minds will help." There may be a certain element of truth in these words. I believe, however, that much of this 'animosity' is based more on certain continuing actions of the the Chinese goverment. In regards to Tibet, I believe the Chinese have systematically attempted to destroy another nation's sovereignty since its occupation of Tibet in the early 1950's. This cultural distruction is highlighted by, the dispossession Tibetan land and the plantation and re-distribution to non-native Chinese and the systematiic distruction of Tibetan culture and religious belief. This I believe shows great lack of respect for cultural difference.

He further states,"The Olympics is just a party. It's an option, but not a necessity." I would refute this as I believe the Olimpics to be an ideology: A hope for a better world; a belief where anyone can achieve their dreams; and an institution that respects cultural difference and believes in unbiased concept of 'fair play'.

If a nation agrees to host the Olympics one would believe that they stand for these ideals. However, I believe China completly contradict this through their actions in Tibet.

I believe that if a nation continues to practice archic and draconian policies they should be viewed as such.

2008-04-14 08:18:50

Yup - 2+2=5. No doubt. Just my opinion.

2008-04-13 00:34:56

On BOTH sides there is enough shame to be assumed! Plentiful! Hitting with the fist in the table or assuming that everything the Chinese say is pure propaganda will not achieve anything, at least not anything worth achieving.

Maybe us, 'westerners', should stop applying our own values and our own fixations stemming out of specific guilt associated with *our own* mistakes to other continents, cultures and social interactions.

Maybe Chinese should learn to be more open and flexible on matters where diplomacy rather than "keeping face" would work to the benefit of all parties involved.

Would be easier if the world would be painted all in black and white, but it isn't. What's for sure is that is filled with self-righteous stiff individuals on all sides!

A Westerner living in China and who signs with his own name, for a change

PS - can somebody explain to me how come media manipulation is better than censorship? Is it better not to see the facts because you're span around and surrounded by mirrors and smoke and worst to be denied access to facts? At the end of the day you're equally ignorant - maybe less dizzy....

2008-04-11 13:21:53

"I read some articles about the link between Beijing Olympics and Tibet riots. I found this outrage ridiculous..." I find you and your post outrageous and ridiculous!

Curiously, since there is freedom of speech in western countries, a shameful post like this can be published. I bet it wouldn’t happen the same in China, with the censor happening there!

"WE'LL PROTECT OUR OWN INTERESTS IN ANY CASE" and that is exactly what's happening, in any case, and ANYHOW, no matter how! The post should be named as "Opinion of and Anonymous heartless" (I have the aim to use another word, but I don’t want to be insulting) Maybe one day you will experience the rage of what you stand for now. Daniela

2008-04-11 08:16:04

Prime Minister Kuo Tze I of the T'ang Dynasty was an outstanding statesman as well as a distinguished general. His success in both political and military service made him the most admired national hero of his day. But fame, power, wealth and success could not distract the prime minister from his keen interest in, and devotion to, Buddhism. Regarding himself as a plain, humble and devoted Buddhist, he often visited his favorite master to study under him. He and the Master seemed to get along very well. The fact that he held the position of prime minister, an exalted status in those days of old China, seemed to have no influence on their association. Apparently no noticeable trace of politeness on the Master's part or of vain loftiness on the part of the prime minister existed in their relationship, which seemed to be the purely religious one of a revered teacher and obedient disciple. One day, however, when Kuo Tze I, as usual, paid a visit to the Master, he asked the following question: "Your Reverence, how does Buddhism explain egotism?" The Master's face suddenly turned blue, and in an extremely haughty and contemptuous manner he addressed the premier as follows: "What are you saying, you idiot?" This unreasonable and unexpected defiance so hurt the feelings of the prime minister that a slight, sullen expression of anger began to show on his face. The Master then smiled and said: "Your Excellency, this is egotism!"

2008-04-11 04:29:48
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