Updated: K2 Tribute Climbed above Chamonix

Posted on: October 1, 2008

The revered north face of the Grandes Jorasses, Alps, France. Last weekend Patrick Gabarrou and Michel Coranotte established Hugues d'en haut (TD) on this face in honor of Hugues D'Aubarede. [Photo] Robin Lacassin

Two weekends ago, Patrick Gabarrou and Michel Coranotte established Hugues d'en haut (TD) on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses above Chamonix, French Alps. Hugues d'en haut is located in between Petit McIntyre (TD, 600m) on its right and Coulee Douce (D, 400m) to the left. According to Lindsay Griffin, it "exits onto the crest of the Hirondelles Ridge, below half-height."


Completed over eight hours, Gabarrou named the route in honor of Hugues D'Aubarede, who died on K2 in August (read more in the August 7, 2008 NewsWire). In addition to honoring D'Aubarede, Gabarrou dedicated the recent ascent as a wedding gift to D'Aubarede's daughter. "It is a beautiful line, obviously," Gabarrou said. Hugues d'en haut is the sixth route that Patrick Gabarrou has pioneered on the wall, preceded by Directissime (7a A2, 1200m) in 1986, Appertet-Gabarrou (ED, 850m) in 1992, Alexis (VI 6b A2, 1100m) in 1993, A Lei (V 6b A2+ M5+, 850m) in 2003 and Heidi (VI A3 M5+ 5c R, 850m) in 2005.

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Sources: Lindsay Griffin, Claude Gardien, www.k2climb.net , www.ledauphine.com

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