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Someday, Somebody Will Ski That

Posted on: November 27, 2006

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Website: Available on DVD at
Film by: Peter Pilafian
Editor: Troy Beauchamp
Producers: Leslie Goodyear and Peter Pilafian
Narrator: Darrell Miller
Release Date: December 1, 2006 (Horizon Pictures, 18 minutes)

Someday, Somebody Will Ski That

Someday, Somebody Will Ski That won the People's Choice Award at the Alpinist Film Festival in 2006.


This 18-minute film is about a single ski run in Jackson Hole. But it's not just any ski run. Corbet's Couloir is as deft a collector of stories, legends and lore, as it is a collector of spindrifts, cornices and snow. Even the most stoic and unaffected leathered local climbers light and give pause when talking about it. First time tourists crawl to the lip, look over and begin to hyper-ventilate. This delightful short will make you laugh, lift your spirits, and get you excited to go ski something you never thought you could.

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