Posted on: October 15, 2007

So, Mayor Kiss, of Burlington, Vermont, USA, decides that the 86 percent of tax payers that voted to change the empty, decommissioned power plant into a park were wrong. Mayor Kiss decides that turning the building and the grounds it stands on into a commercial facility is more financially intelligent for the city. Why is this relevant at all?

It would be nothing but an angry man complaining about the government if one of the commercial interests wasn't a Scottish Company called Ice Factor. The Scottish version of this facility has a rock gym, an ice climbing gym of all things, a sauna, a cafeteria, and, most exciting to an aging climber with too much appreciation for beer, a bar. Yes, that's right, the climbing gym now has a giant refrigerated ice climbing room and a place to drink.

I don't know if this proposed development will come to fruition, but I may have to move to Vermont if it does.

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We're still watching this redevelopment product in it's conception and do believe it's a fantastic idea. We would never want to replace ice climbing in it's true form. We ice climbers all know that the true training exists on real ice. However, our product is designed to get your training up to par before the ice forms. Proof of this testament is through our sponsored athletes who are all competing at World Cup in 2010. For more info, go to

Shoud the redevelopment product move forward with plans for ice climbing... our product is green and requires no energy usage for refrigeration. No who can argue with that?

2009-11-13 04:43:10

We've got a great new product out for indoor ice climbing. Check us out at

2008-10-16 00:11:05

...fortunately VT already has a heapload of outdoor ice and tasty local brews that stay plenty cold in one's trunk while bashing knuckles out in the hills. ~d.

2007-10-15 17:52:56
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