San Juan Mountain Majesty

Posted on: November 28, 2007

[Photo] Justin Peterson

This is my first post on, not that that matters. Anyways, I wanted to post two pictures from a recent trip to the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado, where a group I was with climbed Wetterhorn Peak, one of the 54 14ers in the state. Hopefully these are considered alpinism/mountaineering pics... if not, I hope you enjoy them anyways! Thanks for taking a look.

[Photo] Justin Peterson

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It's a very high-contrast image, but you can improve on it quite a bit using the shadows-highlight control in Photoshop. You were definitely correct not to burn out the highlights with the original shot since it's generally not possible to repair that mistake later in post editing. But you can easily lighten the gray snow and bring out detail in the shadows while holding back the brightest areas to make this good shot even better.

2007-12-01 09:16:36

The bottom shot is not a night shot...the lighting was incredibly tricky and the sun was intense. How are those for excuses? I tried to make some corrections in Photoshop, but didn't spend too much time with it. I'm still a novice with CS2. Thanks for taking a look. Any suggestions on how to correct it?

2007-11-30 10:34:29

Is that bottom photo a night shot, or just underexposed?

2007-11-29 04:13:50
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