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Posted on: September 8, 2007

[Photo] pig farmer

See my recent comments in response to the rockfall photos taken Sunday, Sept. 2. We went up the next day and the Stettner was still letting loose. Had it not been for a brief break a couple of minutes before we headed to the col, we might have been pushing up daisies.

Also note the pathetic state of the Middle Teton Glacier. It's bone dry up there, and we heard and saw things letting go all day long. When we topped out, we noticed another immense dust cloud rising out of Valhalla Canyon. The Black Ice Couloir had apparently experienced rockfall as well; as we watched, the cloud billowed out into Cascade Canyon and onward to the Valley floor.

[Photo] pig farmer

I blame it all on George W. Bush, the Hitler of our age, whose war of terror commits our resources to a misbegotten occupation that makes a few Americans very rich, kills thousands of others and countless innocent civilians, while the global problem of climate change imperils the entire planet. May he burn for eternity in a hell of his own making.

[Photo] pig farmer

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Blame it on Bush!

2007-09-12 21:07:39

While I certainly share your negative feelings about our 'current occupant', as my least favorite NPR radio host puts it, I feel, somehow, as if blaming potentially lethal rockfall on said individual is perhaps, uh...a bit shallow in perspective.

2007-09-11 16:07:42
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