Posted on: November 5, 2007

[please envision my mottled, liver-spotted face flushed and red; spittle flecking my keyboard as I type this.] Token, angry old man here. Please read this fantastically researched and obviously un-biased article on climbing and climbers.

"They should have signs and stuff and trash cans outside," said Pham, who climbs regularly in the safety of a San Francisco gym. "I don't think they even clean your rocks off for you out there."

There are so many things to complain about re: this article that I can barely spell.


How many boulderers do you know that wantonly dispose of their pads by chucking them into the woods?

And how many rock climbers, gym-rat or not, do you know that would honestly ask why the rocks aren't clean for you?

At this point, I can only grasp the edge of my desk, breathing deeply to hold off the almost certain cessation of my heart's essential functions.

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