Posted on: November 26, 2007

[Photo] Jamie Cunningham

I attempted a winter attempt on the East Rib with a 9 member US/Canadian team in December 1987. Most of the climbing was done by me, Ken Reville and our Sherpa Pemba. We reached about 23,000' on the East Rib and were turned back by a big storm. At the same time a large Japanese party was climbing the Bonnington Route. The two who made the main summit perished on their descent.

The following year Artur Hajzer and Jerzy Kukuczka must have followed our attempted route and made it to the East Summit of Annapurna. This is the same route Tomaz Humar soloed in October. I am not aware of any attempts on the Far East Rib prior to my 1987 attempt.


Other than negotiating the ice fall the climbing was straight-forward and is possibly the easiest passage way to the East Ridge.

—Jamie Cunningham, Franconia, NH, USA

[Photo] Jamie Cunningham

[Photo] Jamie Cunningham

[Photo] Jamie Cunningham

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Steve, Wow, great to hear from you! Email me at

2007-11-26 20:29:10
Steve Robertson

Jamie - how ya doin? I was on that trip but I had to leave after the first day in the icefall with you and Ken and Pemba. Geez - 20 years ago today we were probably carrying loads to that first camp....

drop a line sometime - steve-dot-robertson@focus-dot-ca


2007-11-26 17:43:36
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