Soloing the Diamond: A Photo Essay


"I was hiking up to solo the Casual Route the second time, and it was super windy, so I was procrastinating as I hiked, wondering if it was too windy to go up there. I stopped at the top of the trail junction and took some photos. I ended up going all the way, finding the winds calm enough even though the storm clouds rolled in." [Photo] Steph Davis

Resting on a ledge 800' from the floor. [Photo] Brian Kimball

"I was jumping my wingsuit out of an airplane a lot this summer, at Mile Hi Drop Zone in Longmont, Colorado, where I learned to skydive. Once I started skydiving and flying a wingsuit, I knew I wanted, one day, to BASE jump off the big cliffs of this world." [Photo] Steph Davis collection

"I jump the Tombstone almost every day here in Moab. It's a 400-foot jump off one of my favorite cliffs—only three miles from our house, and a beautiful half hour walk to the top. When you land, you are right by your car, so it couldn't be more convenient. I love the Tombstone, and have learned so much from jumping it over and over again." [Photo] Dean S. Potter


"My BASE progression was a little backward—you 'should' jump first off bridges (which I did, in Idaho) and then do terminal jumps (where you reach terminal speed in the air) off very tall cliffs. This is safer, because you have more time before impact. Since I was in Moab all October and November, my first cliff jumps were the low Moab cliffs. But I was invited to Poland for a film festival in December, and planned the opportunity to visit Monte Brento in Italy, one of the best terminal BASE cliffs in the world. I did my first terminal jumps there and felt confident enough to make my first wingsuit BASE jumps. I never imagined this summer when I started skydiving at Mile Hi that in only a few more months I would be jumping off a giant cliff in a wingsuit!" [Photo] Steph Davis collection

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