The 2008 Alpinist Film Festival


Yvon Chouinard presented the 1963 film Sentinel: The West Face on Stone Night, January 19. In the late 1960s climbing was in its formative years, and its crucible was Yosemite Valley. The film captured Royal Robbins and Yvon Chouinard's ascent of the West Face of the Sentinel and the poetry of the nascent sport. Barry Corbet, the inspiration for The Alpinist Film Festival, wrote and directed the film. [Photo] David Swift

About twenty athletes, filmmakers and icons presented at the 2008 Alpinist Film Festival. Kicking off Snow Night were Jackson's Mayor, Mark Barron, and recently injured hometown hero, Resi Stiegler. The Olympic skier received two standing ovations—one for taking the podium, the other for calling on stage ten other Jackson-based winter Olympians, nine of whom were present.

Snow Night featured a tribute to Jackson Hole's many winter Olympians on Thursday, January 17. The winter Olympians were introduced by Resi Stiegler, that evening's MC. The honored Olympians were Resi (2006), her father Pepi Stiegler (1960 and 1964), Pete Karns (1972), Mark Hagen (1976, 1980 and 1984), Hans and Nancy Johnstone (1988 and 1992, respectively), Erich Wilbrecht (1992), Jim Curran (1992), Tommy Moe (1992, 1994 and 1998) and Hannah Hardaway (2002). [Photo] David Swift


Surf Night followed with an equally impressive line-up that included professional surfer Dan Malloy, filmmaker Dana Brown and his son—eventually—Wes, who had flown in from Peru just minutes before he presented. The entire Sliding Liberia crew also introduced their film and fielded questions about the nature of surfing in such an unusual, war-torn location.

And for all of us alpinists, Stone Night was perhaps the most exciting, with Yvon Chouinard's stirring introduction to the 1963 film Sentinel: The West Face, in which he and Royal Robbins reenact their then-new route in Yosemite. Barry Corbet—whose passing was the inspiration for the Alpinist Film Festival—was the film's narrator. Filmmaker Peter Mortimer and pro climber Steph Davis presented the world premiere of their new short, "Diamonds are Forever," and spoke to the challenges of climbing ropeless and filming on the 900-foot Diamond. They had finished filming less than a week prior, and Mortimer was hot out of the editing studio (his hotel room), yet the film captivated the audience, who voted it to win that night's People's Choice Award.

Sliding Liberia director Nicholai Lidow sits next to Surf Night presenter Wes Brown. Wes flew from Peru the day before, and his flight into Jackson was delayed. He arrived just in time to join his father Dana in presenting footage of three generations of Brown family surf films, including an excerpt from their yet-to-be-released film High Water on Friday, January 18. [Photo] David Swift

2008 Alpinist Film Festival Presenters


Mark Barron, Mayor of Jackson and 2008 AFF Opening Speaker

Resi Stiegler, Olympic skier and Snow Night's Keynote Speaker

Rob Kingwill, professional snowboarder and presenter of Let it Ride: The Craig Kelly Story

Darrell Miller and Matt Coombs of Storm Show Studios, presenters of "Speed Riding: Attack of the Gringos"

Frank Pickell, director and AFF presenter of "Mountain Town: The Grasshopper"


Dan Malloy, professional surfer, Surf Night's Master of Ceremonies and presenter of the world premiere of Sliding Liberia

Dana and Wes Brown, surfing filmmakers and presenters of Step Into Liquid and High Water

Britton Caillouette, Nicholai Lidow and Chris Del Moro, film crew and presenters of the world premiere of Sliding Liberia


Yvon Chouinard, rock legend, founder of Patagonia and Black Diamond and presenter of Sentinel: The West Face

Steph Davis, professional rock climber and presenter of "Diamonds are Forever"

Peter Mortimer, filmmaker and presenter of "Diamonds are Forever"


Mark Barron, Mayor of Jackson and AFF Mountain Town Panelist

Jonathan Schecter, founder of 1 Percent for the Tetons and AFF Mountain Town Panelist

Frank Pickell, presenter of Mountain Town: Featuring Nick Devore and AFF Mountain Town Panelist

Andy Schwartz, Teton County Commissioner and AFF Mountain Town Panelist

Leslie Bahn, AFF producer (left) stands with Steph Davis, Stone Night presenter, during intermission. Davis's free solos on the Diamond face of Long's Peak were the subject of Diamonds are Forever. After the film's world premiere Davis answered audience questions about the film and her mindset during the climbs. [Editor's Note: See Davis's article "Stripped" in Issue 23 to read her personal account of the solos.] [Photo] David Swift

2008 Alpinist Film Festival Premieres


"Mountain Town: The Grasshopper" [world premiere]

"Versus" [North American premiere]

"Speed Riding: Attack a Popow Land" [North American premiere]


Sliding Liberia [world premiere]


"Diamonds are Forever" [world premiere]

"Great White Fright" [North American premiere]

The Beckoning Silence [US premiere]

"Climber" [US premiere]

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